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Jul 15, 2013 06:05 AM

What's for Dinner #232-The Dog Days of Summer Edition #2 (Through Jul 18, 2013)

Despite the heat and humidity that have had our part of the country in a death grip, this thread is flying by as usual. And here's a little background on the term:

The Romans referred to the dog days as diēs caniculārēs, and associated the hot weather with the star Sirius. They considered Sirius to be the "Dog Star" because it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Sirius is also the brightest star in the night sky.

So there you have it. Not even fit for dogs, in my opinion! What cool and lovely foods are you enjoying these days?

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  1. It could very well be cold chicken wings and coleslaw leftovers for tonight. Well, maybe I'll gently warm the foil packet of wings in the convection oven. That would add a lot of heat to the kitchen.

    ETA: Oh damn. Today is CSA Day. And I still have sugar snap peas, beets, and Swiss chard from last week. AND I'm going away this weekend.

    Looks like it'll be lots of veggies this week for dinner!

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Giant omelet, maybe? I'm trying to not use my kitchen much either. Even chopping is too much to bear.

      1. re: gini

        I've got central A/C, plus a ceiling fan in the kitchen, so I can keep relatively cool.

        The omelet or a quiche might be the way to go, depending on the veggies I get today (although I just finished the small amount of gruyere in a 2nd BLT&C for lunch). I'll be asking for ideas either here or on a CSA thread I started a few weeks back. :-)

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I vote for a frittata or quiche as they keep well and can be frozen if you can't finish it.

          1. re: foodieX2

            I vote for all of the above, I love all egg dishes.

      2. re: LindaWhit

        Dinner was the leftover chicken wings and coleslaw. HOWEVER, I did get an overflowing bounty of CSA veg. And with me not being here this coming weekend (on the Cape for a party) I knew I needed to use some stuff up.

        This post on my CSA box uses thread explains all. And I have several days' of lunch!

      3. We still have a lot of food left from last night's dinner (shredded pork in ancho-citrus sauce, refried beans, green rice) so that will probably be what we have tonight as well. I'm trying to be better about using leftovers. There are only 2 of us here and I obviously like to cook so unfortunately leftovers get tossed too often.

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        1. re: Njchicaa

          Changed my mind. I remembered that I sent some of the pork in with my husband today for his lunch and he really doesn't like to have the same thing for lunch and dinner.

          I have some ground turkey in the fridge. It was going to be used to make chipotle meatballs, but he made a comment about "Mexican AGAIN?" last night. So I'll just make regular meatballs in marinara sauce and serve that over some kind of pasta. Maybe angel hair.

          1. re: Njchicaa

            Sounds good, you can never go wrong with simple and yummy.

        2. Tonight is an easy and light meal courtesy of Donna Hay. I'm doing the chicken simmered in a tomato basil sauce. I need to pick my basil so it will grow more, so this is a good way to use some of it. It's also not even going to hit 80 degrees here today so it's a good meal for the not so hot weather. Sides will be some steamed fresh green beans, and depending on how much sauce there actually is once I go to make it, I might do a bit of pasta. If there's only a little sauce, I'll just do rolls. This will also be my lunch for the next 3 days too, I think it'll be great as leftovers.

          1. My what's for dinner will span 3 days, as I generally try to stay off the net over the weekends.
            Friday: glass noodles stir fried with shrimp and snap peas, with a spicy sauce of Asian black vinegar, sambal oelek, soy sauce, and sesame oil.
            Saturday: AMY'S BAKING COMPANY was... closed when it was supposed to be open. That's my review. The correct hours are not posted online. We decided on a late lunch instead of dinner, and well, had a great one at a very cool pizza place down the street from it. Chicago style thin crust and garlic bread--yum. Collage below.
            Sunday: Parmesan and saffron rice, Italian sausage and green peppers.
            Good eatin' all weekend long, just have to give ABC another try...

            edit--grrr, it's not letting me post pictures, I'll try that part later.

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            1. re: alliegator

              "AMY'S BAKING COMPANY was... closed when it was supposed to be open. That's my review. The correct hours are not posted online."

              Why does that not surprise me. You still get credit for trying to take one for the team.

              1. re: Fowler

                Like the Terminator, I'll be back.
                To be fair, I realize now that I got the hours from Yelp, not ABC's site. Because that was not working properly :/

              2. re: alliegator

                pics of the ABC experience...
                Oh, for the love of all that's holy, it wouldn't post.
                Goodbye, peacock shelled Dell. You are done.
                Too bad I can't repurpose you to be eaten.

              3. I'm solo this week so I'm subsisting on my CSA stuff, plus a protein pulled from the freezer. Squash stuffed with turkey, pinenuts, etc., steamed corn, tomato salad last night. Curried quinoa salad tonight with pan fried tofu and more tomatoes.

                I'm finding solo dining very relaxing at the moment. May start missing them later in the week...