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Jul 15, 2013 05:31 AM

Pre and post fast

What is everyone making? How much energy do you have to make a crazy meal for tomorrow night?

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  1. I just made the salmon croquettes for tomorrow night. They actually taste better the next day. Will probably make mashed potatoes with that for the family some time during the day (not for me--too fattening). We often do baked potato and lox after. The salt is helpful after the fast. The spud is comforting. Always Goodmans Noodleman's soup for the teenager in the house loaded up with extra noodles added in. Will go out soon to get the fresh bread, OJ, milk and fish for tonight. Will be doing a squash soup plus fish and veggies although, my husband just mentioned that there are those who say that the meal should not be a big feast and that fish should not be served. He will skip the fish. I will be eating it. Bubby--who comes over before and after--will have pickled lox as always (with pumpernickel). And...there will be marble cake at both ends.

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      The <i>last</i> meal is only allowed to have one cooked dish, which is traditionally a hard-boiled egg dipped in ashes. But you can have a before-the-last meal with fish and soup and whatever else you like, bench, and then wash for the last meal of bread and egg.

      PS: I usually break with tradition by having a scrambled egg for my seudah hamafsekes, instead of hard-boiled. :-)

    2. My family eats omelets and cereal for break-fast. I have no idea how anybody has the energy or interest in anything more elaborate after a major fast.

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        I agree, we eat omelets after the fast, then dessert.

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          Here too, eggs, bagels, cheese danish and coffee,

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          After most fasts I break on a glass of whiskey, then black coffee and fleishiges. Tisah B'Av is different with no Fleishiges till the next day, so I'll break with a cup of coffee and a coupe of cookies, followed by melon and fresh fruit, then off to bed. The next morning will be salami and eggs, pancake style with black coffee and toast.

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            I'm amazed how many people are breaking on coffee. Are people that addicted that they need coffee at 9pm just because they didn't have it all day?

              1. re: avitrek

                I drink my coffee at night because its comforting. Doesn't matter if its coffee or tea, but since there's always fresh coffee... That's what I'm having!

                Also, bagel, piece of cheese, fruit.

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                  I typically have 4-5 cups a day - so yes, I do need that cup of Joe.

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                      Coffee is wonderful and delicious. Sometimes I have some at night so I can relax enough to fall asleep.

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                        I am not a coffee addict. I drink coffee about 5 days each week. But I find that after a fast a hot drink jump starts my body. It need not be caffeinated to do so. I have no problem with caffeine keeping me up at night and often take a mug of coffee to bed with me (to drink while reading before sleep).

                  1. I always get super inspired to cook after flipping through cookbooks and cooking blogs all afternoon on the fast day. I'm thinking this year I'll do homemade pizza for the break-fast meal.

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                      I think it was this post that got me thinking about pizza, even though I have bagels in the freezer that were going to be my break-fast. I put up a batch of dough in the bread machine an hour and a half ago, and now it's out rising, soon to be loaded up and baked.

                    2. We had halibut with a tomato avocado salsa, mujadra and plain steamed asparagus before. Watermelon for dessert and extra hydration. After, its each person for themselves. I jhad yogurt, iced decaf and a muffin. Others had omelets.

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                        The store was out of lox (!) so I poached salmon. Had half a slice with a microwaved sweet potato, one bite of a diet muffin and a yummy coffee. No, I did not sleep well last night. The stupid caffeine, but it was worth it. I'm glad it's over. It was a ridiculously long day this year since it fell out earlier on the calendar. Now my thoughts turn to that Thanksgiving/Chanukah feast. I'm skipping over Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Succos in my mind. Succos is likely to be ridiculously hot as it falls out so early. I don't like hot food in a hot Sukkah. But I digress.

                      2. I try to strike a balance between traditional (and so9mewhat bland) and foods that will spice it up. Chicken soup with leeks, and other diced veggies, boiled chicken, quinoa pilaf, sweet potatoes and apples, roasted zucchini w tomatoes (a sort of roasted ratatouille -- fantastic) plum crisp (seasonal) and cut up fruit. After, I more or less let people wing it. There will be more melon/berries. I"ve made a sort of cold pasta/salad with fresh farmers market tomatoes and basil, olive oil and lemon. Possibly we will decide to put some feta in , possibly we will decide to have omelets; I am not a great faster and .anything that can't be made in advance needs to be made by someone else. Have a good year!