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Jul 14, 2013 10:43 PM

Must hit spots - Baltimore

Coming down next month around this time from Canada. I have never been to Baltimore and unfamiliar with the food and culture. Im open to any ideas for food that is a must if your visiting. Not looking for fine dining just good spots.

I have heard that seafood is sort of big, more specifically crab, is this true?

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  1. For a real Baltimore "culture experience...make sure you hit a crabhouse..
    Crabs are generally sold by the dozen....prices quoted will be for a dozen
    " Tonight we got $55's $65's and $75's Hon"
    Higher the pricer larger the crabs!!!
    For first time get the least expensive!!
    Mr Bills Terrace Inn 200 Eastern Ave., Essex, MD 21221
    410-687-5994..the real deal
    Captain James Landing
    Bo Brooks Crabhouse

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    1. re: Hue

      thank you so much I will check these places out for sure I appreciate the response!

      1. re: darkstar.

        If you're staying in downtown or near the water and don't want to travel far out, LP Steamers on Fort Avenue in Locust Point is an excellent crabhouse that also serves marvelous steamed shrimp with old bay seasoning.

    2. Faidley's Crab Cakes in Lexington Market for a real (maybe too real) look at the city and the most DELICIOUS crab cakes. Keep in crabcakes should be broiled, not fried, and on a fluffy kaiser roll with tarter sauce, tomato and lettuce + a wedge of lemon. Anything is means they are doing it wrong.

      Beer is big part of the Baltimore experience. Alewife has one of the best selections of micro brews, including many local choices. Food is pretty good, too. Very Baltimore vibe.

      When you get tired of crab, Helmand is an excellent Afghan restaurant. Be sure to get Kaddo Borawni, a pumpkin appetizer.

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      1. re: yummmymummy

        Kaiser roll with tartar sauce, tomato and lettuce?

        That's news to me.

        Baltimore crabcakes traditionally are served plain with premium saltine crackers. But each to its own.

        1. re: Roland Parker

          and really fried is the the traditional way to do it.

          1. re: hon

            Same here, thought it was just me!!
            Fried with saltines..Grandmom Maybe, kept them on the shelf behind the bar... $.25 cents each!!!

            1. re: Hue

              I think for $.25 behind the bar you are thinking of coddies!

              1. re: hon

                Nope, these were crabcakes..many moons ago...right with the five cent hardboiled eggs, five cent pig knuckles, and the huge pickled white onions for a nickel also...

                1. re: Hue

                  ...and Red Smith pickled sausages, next to the Dun-Rite popcorn machine.

        2. re: yummmymummy

          How can you mention beer and omit Brewer's Art? Eat at the bar in the basement. It is near the Helmand? FWIW, Helmand is owned by the Karzai family (pres.of Afganistan). I like Iggie's for pizza. I love Peter's Inn.

          Dark star, do you have recs for Toronto and Montreal for me? I am headed north this month for a day or two.

          1. re: 2000man

            Hey everyone I appreciate all the responses. I think I am going to try out LP steamers as its close to where I am staying!

            And 2000man, what kind of food are you specifically looking for? Im from Toronto and I don't think its known for anything specific. The city is way too diverse and there are so many options. My new favourite spot is Burger Priest ( get the double cheeseburger) and its hands down the best burger ive ever had in my life. But let me know if your looking for anything more specific and I can help you out.

            In terms of MTL, you have to try Schwartz Deli sandwiches. Quebec is known for its poutine as a whole; I personally love the standard poutine at Nickels on Sainte Catherine St

            1. re: darkstar.

              Since your staying close to the area hit
              Ryleigh's On Cross Street

        3. Cocos on Harford road is a family owned bar and restaurant. Their crab cakes are jumbo lump and huge. They are often voted best crab cake in Baltimore. The staff is very friendly. If you go make a reservation they are very popular.

          Fells point is a nice place to visit and walk around. There are shops and restaurants around the water. If you go it's nice to stop in at Berthas for a beer and a little live music. Peters inn is a popular fells point spot. There are others but I don't go that often so I'd be recommending places based on others opinions.

          1. An absolute MUST hit spot would be L. P. Steamers. MUST GO!

            Get there early as they're out of crabs fast, they also serve oysters, lobster, scallops and shrimp at amazing prices. They give you a wooden mallet to pound your crabs away and a pitcher of beer to wash it down with - or soda if you prefer!

            Serves wine as well and accepts cards/reservations. Has take-out if you want to take your sea-treasures home or inside and outside deck seating if you want to stay! Delicious, messy and family-owned!