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Jul 14, 2013 10:06 PM

underground specialty restaurants

i'm not talking just popups, but places that serve dishes that are taboo, possibly illegal, with that being the draw.

in the thai movie (yes, it's just a movie) the protector, tony jaa tries to rescue his village's elephants from an illegal restaurant planning to use them as food and medicine for a rich clientele.

the places i'm asking about dont have to cater to the elite, however, it could be someone's backyard where people regularly gather to enjoy illicit cuisine.

there used to be places like absinthe bars in nyc when I lived there while it was still illegal.

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  1. bump.


    have you traveled to exotic locales and tried food there that is taboo here? dog, cat, bugs?

    ingest any potions made from rhino horn?

      1. Unfortunately, if it's illegal, or nearly so, no one will be able to talk about it.

        Sorry, but that is the way that it is.



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        1. Every now and then, word circulates in Honolulu of somebody ... usually a sushi joint ... serving "dancing prawns." Only possible where prawns are farmed. The heads are served deep-fried and the tails are served alive and wiggly. East Asian delicacy. The animal-rights loonies get all excited. Not sure how it's any worse than eating oysters alive, which people do everywhere.