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Jul 14, 2013 09:35 PM

Sam's Fried Chicken (closed) and Noyo Fish Company in Fort Bragg [Mendocino County]

Striking out at Sea Pal Cove, I backtracked a little bit to the small fish market with the pots and grills outside across from the Noyo Fishing Center. Problem was none of the cooking equipment was in use on Thursday, only weekends. The fish on display inside looked great --- ling cod, salmon steaks or filets --- but only raw.

I'd heard that the barbecue oysters and clam chowder are good here. The sandwich board promoting these was folded up and hidden in the back. If someone tries them, please report back.

Noyo Fish Co.
32440 N Harbor Dr
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
(707) 964-3000

Previous stop: Sea Pal Cove

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  1. From here I went to Sam's Fried Chicken located in the gas station south of the bridge. But it was out of business though all the equipment was still in place. The phone's disconnected.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks for the updates on the area Melanie. I'll try and add to this thread if we get through there the next few weeks since I'm sure some of our old favorites are probably gone as well.

      1. re: PolarBear

        That would be great. I'm sure business is still tough for these places on the coast that rely on tourist dollars.

    2. Hi Melanie,

      Funny that you should mention Noyo Fish Co. My husband Kevin and I, along with another couple and Fort Bragg natives, Scott and Kasey Hockett, are the new owners! Kevin and Scott are commercial fishermen, and for many years have run boats out of the Noyo Basin in Fort Bragg. The previous business in this location ran charter boats for sport fishing. Sometimes, you could find the owner cooking fresh Dungeness crab in front of the shop during the winter, but they didn't sell fresh seafood. After renovating the building last year, and acquiring a couple of new boats, we began offering a choice, but limited, selection of fresh, high quality seafood. Kasey will make homemade clam chowder on the weekends when time is available. Occasionally, on holidays the shop has fired up the grills and smokers to offer customers grilled oysters, prawn kabobs, and smoked salmon. Once we hire more staff, the hot food items will become regular features -- we promise! It's what we want to see there too. Meanwhile, come spend a day fishing with us for rockfish, salmon, tuna, or halibut. Fort Bragg is an awesome place to visit and relax amidst beautiful scenery. Change doesn't happen fast here, but there are some signs of new life. We are working on acquiring the phone number you have posted above, which is the original number for booking fishing charters. The number for the shop is (707) 962-0204.

      Mary Browning
      Noyo Fish Co.

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      1. re: Mbrowning

        Congratulations and thanks for filling us in on the new and improved Noyo Fish Company! As I said, the fish counter looked great. And I want to add that I appreciate that you sell salmon steaks and not just fillets, as they seem to have disappeared from markets. I grew up on Monterey Bay and my dad was an avid sports fisherman, so I know my way around local seafood. I had intended to circle back before you closed at 5p to get something to take home, but didn't make it. Again, all the best in your new venture. Do you have a website?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks for that Melanie! I know the guys and Kasey are working really hard. Scott is out on the water now catching salmon. We don't have a website yet, but it is on the list of things to do.

          1. re: Mbrowning

            Please feel free to post back when the website and phone number settle down.