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Jul 14, 2013 08:50 PM

How long can thawed raw tilapia stay in the fridge?

I took frozen raw tipalia filets from my freezer and put them directly into my refrigerator last Wednesday morning, but then forgot about them. They don't have any smell -- if anything, they smell a little less fishy than tilapia usually does. Is it safe to cook and eat them tomorrow afternoon (Monday)? I don't care about the texture deteriorating, I only care about whether or not they will make me sick.

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  1. The smell will guide you. The fish will probably have exuded more water and won't be as good, but if it's not smelly, it's probably OK to eat.

    In the future, always refrigerate fish/seafood on ice/ice packs. Fish keeps best when kept as close to the freezing mark as possible, instead of the several-degree-warmer temperatures of most refrigerators. It's makes a *big* difference in quality.

    1. Five days is an awfully long time to have fish around. I'd toss it, why take the chance?

      1. Thanks for your responses! I cooked the fish - it didn't taste great, but it definitely did not make me sick!

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          Probably because it was tilapia.

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            Actually, tilapia can taste good (I've had it, and I was a diehard tilapia hater until that moment). But fish degrades in quality each day it rests after thawing: flavor but especially texture is compromised.

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              defrosted fish shd be used within one day if you caught it your self and properly froze it that day would be the only difference otherwise you don't know how old it is fish stores have there way of washing fish w/chemicals to make u think it was absolutely fresh.