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What to do with lemon hummus?

I don't like it. Can i make some sauce with it? Any ideas?

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  1. I've seen salad dressing recipes made from hummus. The lemony flavor would work well, IMO

    1. Mix it with yogurt to make a dressing or serve it with spicy baked fish.

      1. You could use it to coat chicken or fish, then roll in breadcrumbs and bake. I've never tried this, but I don't think baking the hummus would change it drastically.

        You could experiment with a middle eastern type lasagne. Layer of pita, layer of hummus, layer of olives and spices, lather, rinse, and repeat.

        Kind of depends on how much you have, and how badly you dislike it.

        1. if you don't like it? throw it out. why throw good money after bad? i very much dislike hummus.

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            Good point.

            If the OP doesn't like ~hummus~, the best thing to do is put it in a bowl, warm some nice crusty French bread, mix up some mojitos and invite the neighbors over!

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              hummus doesn't exactly make me think of mojitos, but yeah, that's one way to not waste it, and still not eat it. lol.

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                or put it in the breakroom at work! vacuum cleaners

            2. I hate sour hummus, but can usually rescue it by stirring in lots of tahini.

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                it's the tahini that ruins 'classic" humus for me and no amount of other ingredients can disguise its presence.

              2. You really should taste as you go when adding ingredients to chick peas for hummus. I like mine high on lemon, but low on garlic. Personal tastes differ.

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                  As long as it's not citric acid. I like a good dose of lemon in hummus.

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                    I have been debating adding citric acid to my hummus. Much as it pains me to admit it, there is something about the junky, processed flavor of Sabra that I love as compared to homemade.

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                      Just had Sabra a couple of weeks ago. Overall not bad, but there is "that taste" which is I assume is from the citric acid but it could also be the processed garlic, soybean oil or Potassium Sorbate which contributes to "that taste".

                      I have used citric acid at home, combined with lemon juice when I've run low on fresh lemons and can't tell much difference

                2. Not sure if this will work but if you want to "rescue" it, how about adding some blanched/pureed spinach? Or edamame (same prep). As for serving (once you get it to the taste you like), I have served hummus in cucumber cups as an hors d'oeuvre. It's simple and refreshing.

                  1. I always add Roasted Red Peppers to mine - with all the juice from roasting. I love it this way.

                    1. Thank you for the replies. It's not bad, I just don't like it. I've been pawning it off on my nephew. I bought some chips. He ate some of it, but I still have some left. A salad dressing does sound nice.

                      1. Quick story. My 95 year old grandmother loves garlic, like I do. I made her my hummus recipe in her apartment a few months ago. It was too lemony and too garlicy for her tastes. Being a child of the Great Depression, she did the right thing and made another batch based on my recipe but eliminated the lemon and garlic from that batch. She combined them and loved it.

                        So my advice is to make your own non-lemon batch of hummus and combine it with the lemon batch.

                        When I make a single batch (can) of hummus I use half of one lemon. A double batch (2 cans) gets the whole lemon. It's mildly detectable but everyone else comments and the garlic flavors and the kick, never the lemon.

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                          I never met a plain hoomus i liked until i had some from an Armenian friend that had the addition of some (ground) Red Aleppo Pepper. You wouldn't think it, but it makes all the diff in the world!