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Jul 14, 2013 06:45 PM

Alpharetta/Roswell/Sandy Springs - Relocating NY Hound

My husband and I are doing a relocation scouting trip down to Atlanta from NY. My job will be in Alpharetta, and we're looking at Roswell or Sandy Springs as potential places to move to. Food is very high on our list of reasons to move to an area (like any good chowhounder).

Favorite restaurants in these areas? Hole in the wall ethnic is our favorite (Korean, Japanese, Indian, etc). Are there any good ramen restaurants? For ramen, we'll travel pretty far.

Or if any of these cities just have an awesome, cheap eats place, we'd love to check that out. Our food has been heavily influenced by living in Los Angeles and NY. What should we be eating in Atlanta?

Favorite breakfast/brunch places?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have to reply to this just to see the replies :) I'm sure things have changed in the many years since I lived in Atlanta but you're talking major 'burbs. Are you sure you're not willing to commute from ATL? Whew.

    1. Sandy Springs resident here, wanting to contradict c oliver's "major 'burbs" statement. Sandy Springs actually extends well inside the perimeter, just past the toll plaza along 400. Great way to live ITP without paying Atlanta city taxes! So my vote on Sandy Springs would be a compromise for you. It gets you close to Buckhead/Midtown with all of the major Atlanta restaurant offerings, quick cut over to Buford highway for ethnic food, but not all they way out in Applebees/Chilis land. You'd be commuting against traffic, so probably not bad getting to Alpharetta (easy access to 400 from Glenridge). Cheap eats are better found further in the city, but you can cut over to Buford Highway in about 15 mins and enjoy the ethnic food center of Atlanta (search the board to get details on Buford Hwy offerings). We have a cute local Thai place called Bangkok Thyme near me, not great, but reliable and cheap, and there's quite a bit of Persian cuisine in Sandy Springs along Roswell Rd. N of 285, but Buford Hwy really is the place to find true ethnic food. Happy house hunting!

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        I stand corrected and I agree with you completely! Southern SS is a straight shot to Buckhead. And obviously things haven't changed all that much over the years as Buford Hwy was the same way back when. OP doesn't say if they're moving from Manhattan or nearby but they ARE going to be experiencing some food shock :)

        BTW, when I was growing up there was not interstate much less 285 and 400 wasn't even a twinkle in anyone's eye :) I had family in Sandy Springs and we lived in Decatur. It was an all day trip to go visit them!

        1. re: c oliver

          Urban sprawl at it's best! But yes, the move from NY will be culture shock no matter where you land.

          1. re: jboeke

            NYC is my home town---when i left it took almost 5 yeras to slow myself down and stop looking for an insult everywhere--- you all will love it here. Theres so many trees here its hard to see the sprawl, at least where i live

          2. re: c oliver

            Not Manhattan. We're in one of the small villages on the Hudson. Food shock is fun, though! Ohio to Los Angeles was the craziest one for me. Small town Ohio doesn't do sushi, pho, or boba. Anything but going back to Applebee's hell.

            I'm definitely going to miss NY bagels, though.

            Buford Hwy for ethnic, check! I'll make sure we at least drive through there to see.

            1. re: kaitlyn142

              we love ESSs bagels in NYC But youlll find Einsteins bagels here very close--- a little more expensive than Esss--- alos if your a Philly cheese steak person, the Mad Itaalian flys in Philly rolls every day,and they are great.I think Aria is the closest to a NY restaurant to me, but Bacchanaiia is also very good

        2. well having lived here for 30 years, whereas Dunwoody et al was the burbs,it sure isnt now.If you live inside the river, getting about to lots of good restaurants in midtown/buckhead is a 20 minute ride--pretty easyplius if you like baseball/basketball its also an easy drive,or you can take Marta.Plus High museum is easy drive
          Roswell has several good restaurants,including Pastis, which we like, but also Greenwoods.On Roswlel rd, La Peteite Maison is excellent french country cooking
          On th river comment,theres only 3 roads that cross the river, 400,roswell,and johnson ferry--so when theres a major back up theres no choice but wait it out.Ive moved 12 times in my life,and this is my second fav place (Palo alto is first)/
          As pointed out the best ethnic are on buford highway which from my home in Dunwoody is like 20 minutes Gu's Bistro is the best, i also like Canton House for dimsum.The best steak house is McKendricks, like 5 minutes from my house. There are tons of newer places in Alpharetta et al, but to me they are so crowded on weekends its not worth the drive.Living closer to the city, the restaurants arent as crowded since most of their business is business traffic whch isnt there on weekends.To me Alfredos is the most realistic old time Italian--reminds me of the family Italian places id eat in the Bronx tears ago
          Depending on where in Alpharetta your going to work,dunwoody or eass.t sandy springs should be an easy commute,against the traffic both waysWe live in rivergate and i have a dr in Alpharetta that takes me 20 minutes and no traffic to get to.Id advise taking a dry run from any house your consdiering during rush hour to test the times.Dont know if schools are an issue but dunwoody elemnatry is top 10 in state

          1. We moved to Roswell from New York three years ago and love it. I also lived in Pacific Palisades for awhile.

            First of all, the farmers' markets are great with lots of fresh produce, eggs and homemade cheeses. I like the Alpharetta market, myself- easy parking, small enough to get through in a hurry, but interesting stuff.

            Check out the Canton Street restaurants- Artisan Bakery for lunch, Table & Main for dinner, Salt for lunch. There is also a Thai restaurant my husband likes (forgot the name). Lots of great Barb-a-Que (of course). We like Que in Alpharetta on Friday nights for the live music. Lots of farm to table places popping up all over. Check out Milton's in Milton which is a western suburb of Alpharetta.

            1. Great to see this post! I'm sort of in the same boat -- just moved to Roswell 2 weeks ago from the West Coast (Portland, San Francisco) and dealing with some food culture shock. Have to agree that Roswell has some excellent dining options, notably Table & Main, Little Alley Steak. As a bit of a bread snob, I have to disagree on the Artisan bakery recommendation -- their baguettes are soft and remind me of the kind of faux artisan bread you'd find at Safeway. The farmer's market in Roswell is small but does have some quality vendors, including Olde World Artisan Bread. We looked at Sandy Springs as a possible base given its proximity to the city, culture, better dining, but opted for Roswell because it's so much more charming, walkable (if close to the historic district) and and easier commute to Alpharetta. Good luck!