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Jul 14, 2013 06:10 PM

Dinner for 20?

Hi, everyone,

I couldn't find anything by searching the board, so I hope you don't mind the question.

I'm planning a bachelor party for 20 guys and am looking for a good place to plan a dinner. The catch is that I've never been to Portland before, and neither has the groom. We're coming up from the Bay Area, and he chose the city because he loves craft beer and good food, but this is the blind leading the blind.

Since we have so many guys (we're in our 30s, professionals, like good food and drink--this is likely to be pretty sedate as bachelor parties go), I need to figure out a good place for a Saturday night dinner that can accommodate us. My guess is that with those numbers I'll need a place with a private room and will probably have to go for a set menu. Although I'm not the world's biggest fan of steakhouses, that would ultimately be fine, but I'd be thrilled with a more creative option.

Any other suggestions are more than welcome (breweries, etc.), but right now I'm mostly concerned about finding a good spot for dinner. The party is planned for mid-September.

Thanks to you all for your help!

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  1. Places that I know have private rooms and good food include:

    Blue Hour (really nice private area)
    Andina (don't know if their rooms fit 20)
    Urban Farmer (This is a steak house basically, but probably different than what you are used to. Great craft cocktails, locally sourced everything, including grass fed beef)

    Places I'm not sure about, but may be worth checking into include because of food/atmosphere:

    Woodsman Tavern
    Roe (here you might have to book the whole tiny restaurant but it has some of the best food in the city right now)
    Gilt club
    Little Bird (the upstairs area might accommodate you)

    Hopefully others will have more ideas and maybe some thoughts about the above as well. Do you know where in the city you might be staying?

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    1. re: cobpdx

      Hey thanks--

      This is really helpful. I think we're probably staying in the Hilton downtown, which had by far the best rates, though I am up for any suggestions you might have on that score, too. This is a tough order because we have guys with different incomes and it's such a big group. Any ideas for a more casual place?

      Thanks again.

      1. re: adb2013

        Most everything is casual, but if you also need cheaper, you could try (but I don't necessarily know how all of these places would treat a party of 20):

        Tanuki (20 might basically fill the restaurant. It is uniquely Portland and definitely affordable)

        Paragon (they do have a private area)
        Deschutes (brew pub)
        Podnah's Pit (BBQ)
        Sunshine tavern
        Raven & Rose

        I guess since you mentioned a steakhouse (although I understand it is not your first choice), that was your approximate budget. Do you have an idea for your budget and did you call any places to find out how far off they may be from your budget.

        In terms of where to stay, there is a lot around the Hilton and downtown areas as well as access to public transportation, which saves taxi money. The other location that is close to a lot of transportation would be the Lloyd's Center area. May be cheaper but not as nice an area and I don't think as many restaurants are within walking distance.

        If you want to combine the craft beer thing with your bachelor dinner, you could try searching the board for the local breweries, but the problem there is that the food might not be the greatest.

        1. re: cobpdx

          Since cobpdx mentioned Sunshine Tavern, Deschutes and Podnah's Pit, I'm going to venture out with Spints. Based on one (excellent) brunch there, I think it would suit the OP's needs very well: delicious food, fun/casual atmosphere, great taps and superb value. Another plus is the wonderful service.

          Sunshine, Deschutes and even Podnah's food were in my opinion inferior to Spints, again based on just one visit each, and I think the atmosphere at Spints would be more suitable.

          Though I am not (and have never been) a guy in my 30s, I could totally see having a great bachelor party at this venue.