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German Food

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Other than Schneider's, any German restaurants in Monmouth County, New Jersey?

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  1. I have never been here, but it is on "my list". It's Ocean County near Fort Dix.


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      Wrightstown,Burlington county.

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        Was there a few weeks ago. Having really very little experience with German food, I was a little nervous about what to pick. The owner and staff were fabulous, great sense of humor and did a great job serving our large group.

        I ended up loving what I did pick:the pierogies and potato pancakes were wonderful, loved the goulash soup and really enjoyed my pork schnitzel. The boiled veggies on the side and the cold bread on the table were forgettable but I was so full after trying everything else, I didn't even miss it. Huge portions were given.

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          I would love to try German food,but not sure which place you are recommending. Was it Schneiders which would be a lot easier for me than Fort Dix, so I am hoping!

      2. http://www.enjoysebastians.com

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          Schnitzel fest is in my future

        2. My preferred German place is just a few miles north of the Outerbridge in Staten Island

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            Killmeyers is awesome!

          2. Black Forest Inn, Stanhope.

            1. Take my word for it...this is worth the ride. If you want something German but different, the Black Forest Inn in Stanhope, 1 minute off Exit 25 on Rt. 80, is hosting its Fasching Festival (aka German Mardi Gras). Master Chefs Heinz & Heiner are including some New Orleans specials on the menu tonight and tomorrow.

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                I guess gmmaka can't really be considered a "One Hit Wonder."

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                  LOL he's a 1 restaurant wonder.

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                  You all have sparked my interest in this Black Forest Inn. My in laws live in Mount Olive so we will def be hitting this up next time we are up in that area.