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Jul 14, 2013 04:12 PM

Biarritz - recommendations please

We are heading down to Biarritz and San Sebastian in September and would like some recommendation in Biarritz itself - we have an early morning flight to catch.

Our last visit was five years ago so expect things have evolved - L'Atelier looks interesting, maybe L'impertinent, or maybe Les Rosiers. Any thoughts or recent experience?

We have a week in Paris with a good range booked already (Semila, Thoumieux, Le Comptoir, Pirouette, Goust, L'Ami Jean, Youpi et Voila, and Guy Savoy), and for the trip South we are planning Arrambides, Olhabidea, Chez Mattin, Asador Etxbarri, and maybe a lunch at Azurmendi, plus a few nights sampling tapas in San Sebastian.

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  1. If you like l'Ami Jean, try Le Cucaracha in Bidart just south of Biarritz.. They are of course different restaurants - but here expect minimal decor, marvellous fresh local ingredients prepared with skill and care and a good wine list. Not big - you really need to book in advance.