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Jul 14, 2013 03:12 PM

Exotic foods (for us)...

Have a friend that likes to experience unique/exotic foods (for americans). She has done brains, eyes, balut, etc.. Was chatting with her today and she mentioned wanting to try more insects/scoprions/etc. Anything in the area that serves this?

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  1. Toloache has grasshopper tacos.

    1. White and Church makes cocktails with insects. Not sure if this fits your criteria.....

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      1. re: Beloved1

        I heard W&C dropped the buggy cocktails awhile ago.

        Are they even still open? Noticed their website is down, and their FB page hasn't been updated in over a year.

        1. re: sgordon

          Its a good possibility that they are closed....I went awhile ago, but remembered they had the buggy cocktails when I went....


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            Looks as if someone's trying to open a vegetarian restaurant called Pantéa in that space ...

            Intriguing item from the same CB1 agenda: a proposed Laotian place called Kio in the Duane Park space.

            1. re: squid kun

              More on that Laotian (or "Laotian-inspired") place, plus a corrected spelling, Khe-Yo, and an opening date: next Monday ...

        2. Toloache's grasshopper tacos, and there's a queso fundido with 'hoppers at Casa Mezcal (not as good as Toloache, though.)

          There are all kinds of dried things down in Chinatown - but much of it is VERY expensive, as they believe a lot of it has mystical healing properties. Not really stuff they eat for flavor.

          1. The last bugs I've had in a restaurant in NYC that were on the menu were sweet crickets in a Japanese place called Taka. Sorry that no longer exists. Other places I've had bugs they were not supposed to be in the food. There's a place called Bugs that you might like.
            Other "exotic" dishes are pig ear at Salvation,
            Sizzling sizzig at Pig and Khao or Maharlika.
            Wagyu tongue at The Musket Room
            Shirako ( fish sperm sac) at Sushi Azabu
            Tonsoku at Rock Meisha
            Cow Stomach at Takashi

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              I miss Taka. Do you happen to know where the chef/owner went?

            2. Couple other thoughts:

              For more offal, Babbo's tripe is excellent, as are their lamb brain francobolli.

              If you're willing to venture out to the boroughs, you can find snack bags of chapulines (grasshoppers) at some Mexican groceries.

              Finally, out in Flushing you can find "stinky tofu" at a few Taiwanese places. That one is... an acquired taste for most. Also in Flushing you can find "sea intestines" at some Qingdao places, "live" octopus at Sik Gaek, and a number of other adventurous dishes. Could be fun to spend a day out there on a food tour.