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Bialetti Moka Pot No Longer Brews

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I have had my Moka pot for several years, and have changed the gasket before. However this time, after I changed the gasket, it no longer brews. I get steam out of the top part instead of coffee.

I have tried boiling water to see if it was blocked. The water came through fine when there was no coffee. I also tried changing the filter. Still no dice.

All other factors are the same as before (kind of and grind of coffee). What has gone wrong and how do I correct it?

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  1. You might try ordering a new coffee basket too. If you are in the habit of tapping it on something to dislodge the coffee after brewing, the edge can get just bent enough that the coffee maker won't build enough pressure to drive the water through the coffee.

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      I'll try that. It looks like I can get one pretty cheaply from Amazon. Thanks!

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        That was the problem! The coffee basket was slightly bent.

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          Great, glad that worked for you!

      2. Really check the holes. They get blocked. You have to take a toothpick and clear them. Not fun, but occasionally necessary.