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Parsley Root

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Parsley root showed up in my market today. I've seen recipes for it but never had any before. Any of you cook it or make salads etc? It looks like a small parsnip. I'd love some suggestions.

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  1. i'd chop it small and us it in a moroccan carrot salad, or add to a pulled parsley and preserved lemon salad.

    yum. we never get this.

    1. We ofter roast as you would with any Root Vegetable. I have also made Chips, used mashed with Sage and Cheese as a Ravioli filling.
      Also cooked like Salsify simmer till tender and browned in Butter. Or as a Gratin.

      1. Great stuff. Last time I made a purée and served with roast chicken and truffles.

        You can also just roast it like parsnips or add it into a dauphinoise.

        1. It is a "must" to be added with other root vegetables in chicken soup.

          it is usually $4.99-5.99 a bunch-