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Jul 14, 2013 02:51 PM

Foie Gras In Germany

Heading to Germany in couple weeks. Looking for foie gras since it's been banned in CA.

Will be mostly in Southern Germany: Stuttgart, Rhine Region, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Fussen, Munich.

I'm expecting my best bet will be in big cities like Stuttgart/Munich.

Any French/Italian restaurant recommendations are also welcome.

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  1. I'd suggest you check out some of the restaurants that interest you and see if their website has any menus listed. Most upscale restaurants (French more so than Italian) will have at least one foie dish on their menu.

    1. In Berlin, I found some nice foie gras at the Bio Company organic food markets. And great cheese as well. Since it's a chain, I imagine you can find it in Stuttgart.

      1. Ended up at Le Faubourg (‎).

        The seared foie gras was very good but the unexpected best was the fish soup. Definitely best I've had outside the French Rivera, and even as good as the best ones I had in Nice.

        The homemade profiterole was also excellent. Super fresh, buttery, crunch, and creamy.

        more info‎
        Kirchenstraße 5
        81675 Munich, Germany
        +49 89 475533‎