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Jul 14, 2013 02:04 PM

Buying spices online

Anyone have any recommendations about where to buy spices online? I am looking for good quality items that are more reasonably priced than what you may get at a grocery store. I go through larger volumes so it makes sense to buy them in a higher volume (not too large) but wasn't sure which companies are good. Any experience?

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  1. I love Penzey's. Quality stuff, great blends and I think free shipping over a certain amount.

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      Penzey's for sure. They are fabulous!

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        If you do buy from Penzey's, make sure to always buy in bag size, and don't buy jars. You'll save a lot of money that way.

        ETA: I should also say, sometimes you can check Amazon, believe it or not. I've bought some really nice stuff on there, food wise, at reasonable prices.

        (And not the Amazon Fresh, I'm talking regular Amazon.)

      2. I've had good luck with The Great American Spice Co. ( They have free shipping on orders over $55, have various sizes available for most items (up to 50 lb bulk boxes) and have some unusual, difficult to find things. Penzey's is also an excellent source as well as The Spice House (, which was founded by Bill Penzey Sr. in the 50's and is now owned by his daughter Patty (sister of Penzey's owner Bill Penzey Jr.).

        1. I have had good luck with My Spice Sage. Good prices, good quality, free shipping, great selection.

          1. +1 for penzey's and below comment to buy in bags recommendation. Best prices and awesome quality- cinnamon that is actually spicey!