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Jul 14, 2013 01:43 PM

Barnyard in Venice, near the beach

Has anyone been yet ?

What are your thoughts ?

It seems like both the argonaut and the la times have favorably plugged it in the past few days.

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  1. Was that review in the Argonaut by Jason? I saw the J. Gold review in the LAT's.

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    1. re: Servorg

      I think it was richard foss.

      i didn't realize that i passed by the restaurant when walking towward the beach in venice a few weeks back, it's in the old Venice beach hangout location (and has still kept the same sign).

      And the prices are not too dear. Entress top out under $20, which is quite reasonable in this day and age of the $35 to $45 main course.

      1. re: Servorg

        I believe Richard Foss wrote the article who used to post on chowhound quite frequently I think.

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          Sorry, you are one step ahead of me. Now I get it. Jason and the Argonauts ???????????????

          anyhow, here's the article:

          You have made me into a budding, ertswhile Internet researcher these days.

          1. re: kevin

            "You have made me into a budding, ertswhile Internet researcher these days."

            My work is done here in that case...and I can ride off into the sunset. (Who was that masked man, mommy? I don't know but he left behind this silver bullet.)

        2. Haven't been, haven't read the article yet, but who did they get to replace Jeremy Fox? Just curious.

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          1. Went for the first time tonight (some friends took me out).

            I thought this place was pretty great. Very much like Gjelina, perhaps a little more creative.

            The scallops crudo was terrific. I wish they had it every night because I would order it another 100 times.

            Had grilled Merguez (lamb) sausages on faro. Very good (slightly overdone, but still enjoyable).

            Grilled octopus on chickpeas (I think) was another winner.
            Mussels and toast with uni butter. Will be getting that again.

            Grilled bread was surprising great - as were the accompaniments (some kind of marmalade).

            Fries were only passable.

            All in all, this place is pretty great. Much more casual feeling than Gjelina.

            There is a counter you can dine at too.

            Heads up - if you're coming from the north on Ocean, note they have valet parking - their sign is off the street and right next door.

            Looking forward to going back.

            BTW - their online meny looks a bit tepid, more depth in person.

            Unfortunate name for a restaurant. Which probably kept me away. I mean, c'mon, barnyard is not exactly a lip-smacker is it?

            Only drawback was the horrendous bad breath of the server, who was otherwise fine. But thankfully he was around much.