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What is the Best Steak Frites in Phila?

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Just moved to town from San Francisco. Very excited to begin perusing the diverse Phila. food scene. Beginning w/ some of the basics. What is everyone's favorite Steak Frite in town? Also any assorted comments on best value restaurants in general are welcome!

Thanks All. -AC

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  1. I like Bistrot La Minette. Comes w/ that creamy sauce on the steak.

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      Garces Trading company does a good version. I like the duck fat fries that accompany them. At one point they had an AYCE option...

      1. re: cwdonald

        K. Thank you both.

      2. re: Chinon00

        There is no steak frites on the menu at Bistrot La Minette (this summer, at least - the menu changes seasonally)
        There's a steak with duchess potatoes but no frites.

        1. re: caganer

          I'm sure they can make it even if off the menu.

          1. re: Chinon00

            I bet they would decline the request. Since that they don't currently have frites or anything else fried on their menu it seems pretty presumptuous to think one should walk in and expect them to execute frites on the spot - a simple food but not one that's either simple or quick to prepare.
            The OP asked which restaurant served the best steak frites, I don't think you do him/her any favors by suggesting a place that doesn't actually serve the dish he's asked about.

      3. So I called Bistrot La Minette and they will NOT serve steak frites. Apparently it's against their philosophy in terms of what is "bistro" versus "brasserie" cooking. And although I can swear I had steak frites there about a year or so ago w/ my wife and daughter, the person who answered the phone says they've never served one.

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        1. re: Chinon00

          How incredibly authentic and French to be so dogmatic!!

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        2. Ok lets throw out some other places that make a decent steak frites....

          Used to be more of a bargain and I have not been there since Peter McAndrews redid the menu, but Bridgits does have a steak frites on their menu (23 dollars)

          Zinc, a french bar on south street has one on the menu.

          Caribou Cafe a french bar on 11th has one on their menu again in the 24 dollar range.

          Cheapest one I have seen is at Eulogy, a Belgian beer bar on 2nd street. 18 dollars.

          Where else?

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            I think it's usually on the chalkboard menu at Standard Tap. Not sure about price.

            It's on the menu at The Industry for $18 but I haven't tried it. Most of the food I had there was good except, strangely, the burger which was subpar.

            Tapestry did a solid one for cheap (like less than $15) when they were open but that is gone.

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              I have had great steak frites at Matyson. It comes on and off the menu, often at lunch. Right now, they appear to have hanger steak with farro, rather than frites.

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                Zinc is on 11th near Locust, not on South.

                Caribou Cafe is on Walnut, near 12th, not on 11th.

                Parc offers steak frites, though at a higher price ($27.50) than other places listed here.

                1. re: caga tio

                  Wow, what a fantastic list. We'll be working our way through this list over the next few months. Thanks again to all for the recommendations.

                  1. re: Amishchow

                    What neighborhood did you move to?

                    1. re: Buckethead

                      Hi, just moved into the Packard Building, 317 N. Broad St. at Callowhill St. Seems like some good divey bars and pizza joints in the 'hood. And the Vetri gang up the street. Any suggestions are most welcome for any and all: bars, restaurants, culinary 'finds', etc. - Thx.

                      1. re: Amishchow

                        You're pretty close to the city's best cocktail bar, Hop Sing Laundromat, 1029 Race St. Prohibition Taproom is also not too far away, on 13th a bit south of Spring Garden, I've never eaten there but their beer list is good.

                        Chinatown is also very close, lots of inexpensive options there but many of them are not good. I'd recommend checking out Rangoon (Burmese), E Mei and Four Rivers (both Szechuan), and Terakawa (ramen). I'd recommend avoiding Sang Kee, Vietnam Palace, and Penang.

                        Other than that, you're within walking distance of most of center city, and with the Broad St. subway nearby, you can easily get to south Philly as well.

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                          In that neighborhood, you can't forget Jose's Tacos on 10th and Buttonwood Sts. Probably not as good as a Mission burrito, but see what you think.

                          1. re: Buckethead

                            Thanks for all the great recs. I had heard that Hop Sings was owned by a pretty dictatorial and abusive individual. Any truth to that. Not inclined to want to share my money for the privilege of being abused. Had enough of that kind of arrogance in San Fran.

                            1. re: Amishchow

                              Its shtick.. they have a dress code, and you will be told the rules as you enter. Its not as bad as some of the places in SF.

                              1. re: Amishchow

                                More quirky than arrogant or abusive.

                                Some people love it, some people hate it (like anything that actually is unique). I love it...

                                1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                                  OK. Thx.

                      2. re: caga tio

                        Thanks for the corrections was doing this by memory (or lack thereof)

                        Zinc 246 S 11th St Philadelphia, PA 19107
                        Carribou Cafe 1126 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA

                        Also St. Stephen's Green has a skirt steak frites with a red wine demi for 18.00 (1701 Green)

                    2. It's in the burbs, but A La Maison in Ardmore does a decent version and it's BYOB with a pretty decent State Store two blocks away. If you're willing to travel to the burbs, I think the value at this place is pretty good.

                      In general, your best values in Philly are going to be the great selection of first rate BYOBs. If you search that on the board, you'll find tons of opinions. Everyone here seems to have a favorite. Also, if you care to explore the burbs, Collingswood, which is dry, is by default all BYOBs and has some very good Italian ones, my favorite being Sapori, imo, a pretty good value. Welcome to Philly!

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                      1. re: middleagedfoodie

                        Best steak in Philly is the dry-aged Grow & Behold ribeye for two with horseradish chremsli, pickled heirloom tomatoes and house steak sauce, served at kosher Citron & Rose in Merion.

                        No frites though, but if you like steak you should definitely try it.

                        To be safe, you should call ahead and reserve it, since they sell out.

                        1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                          Have you had it there since Cook & Solo bowed out and took the opening chef?

                          1. re: barryg

                            Actually, no. Although another board member who was skeptical was just there and loved it. Hopefully at least the steak stays the same (also enjoyed the rest of the menu...although their reaction to my request "Can we BYOB?" was rather humorous).

                            1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                              Did they want to approve your wine or did they just say no?

                              1. re: barryg

                                They barely approved my wine after they opened them and the steak was at least one grade overcooked if not two. Ordered rare side of medium rare and came medium, at $ 84.

                                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                  That sucks, but ours was definitely med rare. Maybe the chef leaving town...

                                  When we asked about BYOB, he said "No one's ever asked that before...do you actually have kosher wines?" LOL, I guess that makes sense, but no I don't have any kosher wines (didn't think about that).

                                  Pity, I would love to pair Chateau Musar with that steak.

                                  1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                                    LOL, l knew you were going to say that.

                                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                      Yes, let's just keep repeating stories we already told each other...if it was worth telling once, it's probably worth repeating six times...

                                    2. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                                      Chef didn't leave town, he's back at Zahav AFAIK.