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Jul 14, 2013 08:44 AM

Miami Spice - 2013 Edition

Participant list is starting to form (more always added in late July):

I hear the Bourbon Steak menu has already been circulated, but nowhere I can find (so post it if you got it).

Also on my "try" list this year is Bazaar, the Dutch and Makoto (especially need to hit more of the lunches, and the last 2 have it).

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  1. Bourbon steak menu revealed:

    Past experience tells me to pass on $15 for the foie supplement (tiny), but the corn risotto, if anything like last years corn ravioli, should be a winner, and you can't go wrong with the steak main.

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    1. re: non sequitur

      Went to Borbon steak this past weekend. It was great as usual, the steak is definitely the standout entree. The desserts were both very good but I found the chocolate almond torte to be too rich for my tastes, my gf loved it though.

      1. re: brkak132

        Tried Bourbon Steak last night and confirmed that not only is the Spice menu one of the best in the city, but the restaurant itself is one of the best in the city.

        Thanks to brkak132 we both went for the steak and enjoyed it. The corn risotto app was amazing, but I think next time I would go with the Tuna poke which had a generous portion of high-grade tuna. For dessert we had both the torte option and the profiteroles with blackberries option, and both were equally impressive.

        With the duck fat fries trio to start and the potato bread this is just an all-around winner. $25 for corkage is not unreasonable, and unlike SoBe the valet parking is complementary.

        Also my boys call the mac-n-cheese "the best in the world" so we all left happy.

        I'll be back for my b-day in September, and hope they mix the menu up a bit as they have for the second month in the past.

        I spared my camera since everything is pretty much as you can see at New Times:

        1. re: non sequitur

          +2 for Bourbon Steak. Dinner last night was excellent, as always.

      2. re: non sequitur

        For the second month of Spice, Bourbon Steak changes up one entree: gone is the scallop dish, and new is a pan seared swordfish. I'll be heading in on Saturday, but will probably stick with the tuna poke/steak.

      3. Actually, the entire spice website is up and running today
        New search by area and other sort features.
        Only a few Menus posted.

        Scarpetta looks good, but this marks the first year polenta hasn't been available as an appetizer - very sad!

        Lots of selections at Bazaar (will have to research past posts):

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        1. re: non sequitur

          I really like the Bazaar but I think the spice menu is lame. I don't think you save any money vs just ordering off the menu and I think most people would leave hungry eating just the spice menu.

          1. re: tpigeon

            I looked at the regular menu at Bazaar and I think you are right: some of those "entrees" are $7 app plates (like "salty wrinkled potatoes" as entree?). They should have gone the pubbelly route and gone with 7 tapas courses instead of constraining themselves to 3.

            1. re: tpigeon

              Looks like they caught the error: menu now one app choice, THREE tapas choices (from a long list), and dessert. Haven't done all the math but it seems more compelling than before.

                1. re: non sequitur

                  I wonder if the choices are for the table (as in everyone gets the same thing, like Pubbelly did last year) or are they for each person

                  1. re: brkak132

                    Not sure, but looking at the regular bazaar menu, most of those items are an average of $10, and desserts $12 (but the apps average $7 - if they are in fact one piece sized). So the total value of the Spice menu is about $50, for the Spice price of $39, so Bazaar doesn't appear to be one of the better values during Spice.

            2. Advance reviews starting to roll in at MIami NT:

              From past experience I know it's a great lunch option during spice.

              Never been there, but after reading this I'm very interested.

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              1. re: non sequitur

                MNT reviewed the Scarpetta dinner at

                I didn't realize the spaghetti is a $12 supplement as a separate course, not as an entree substitute - that makes much more sense.

                I also didn't know that the lamb agnolotti was MNT's #1 dish of 2012:

                Scarpetta is the last "must-do" I need to check off my list this year - and I still have almost a month. When I do though, I won't need to post pics, because new times took care of it for me.

              2. More New Times reviews:

                Meat Market:


                Hopefully starting tomorrow (August 1), we will have some chowhound reviews.

                1. I think New Times has given up their "best/worst" round-ups this year, since they are a co-sponsor of spice and it may not look good for a co-sponsor to rip on participating restaurants.

         has a recommended list of 10 (at, which are (along with my comments):

                  The Bazaar (as noted in this thread, not a big savings).
                  Zuma. (I'd recommend Makoto in the sushi category
                  )The Setai Grill (never been).
                  Catch Miami. (never heard of - menu looks lame)
                  db Bistro Moderne (I recommend)
                  Palme D’Or (pretty limited offerings every spice, IMO).
                  Mr Chow. (no opinion)
                  Red, The Steakhouse (agree)
                  Bourbon Steak (highly recommend).
                  Milos (they have a spice-type lunch always, not just now).

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                  1. re: non sequitur

                    MNT did come up with their best/worst lists after all. "Best" found here:

                    Pretty long list includes makoto, pubbelly, the dutch, blue collar, scarpetta, bourbon steak, cypress room and Bazaar, among many others. In fact, their list is so indiscriminate that I think recommendations here on chowhound are more valuable.