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The Chase Fish & Oyster

I just read that Anton Potvin from Niagara Street Cafe is the sommelier so you can bet they have a great wine list but what about the food?

Anyone been yet??

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  1. I don't think they're open yet!

    1. I've heard they may open this coming weekend.

        1. They're definitely open. Looking forward to trying both "Chase" restaurants.



          1. you mean expensive...right? prices look pretty steep at this place. will have to wait for a supplier to take me.

            1. Went here today with a co-worker, its a really nice space and the servers were very friendly and helpful but the food was overage. We ordered the following:
              - selection of oysters- delicious
              - scallop tostada- I really liked this dish and would order it again
              -'California roll'- found this salty and quite bland, I really thought I'd like this dish cause I do love crab, corn and avocados
              -yellow fin tuna- (like a tartare), the tuna was fresh but I found the dish bland, it needed more to make the flavours pop
              Overall I found the place a good spot for drinks and snacks but would not necessarily go back for lunch/dinner...it was decently priced for the portions offered...I will go back to try the other restaurant upstairs (The Chase).

              1. I went for lunch last week and the food was excellent and the Service was very attentive. My only crticism was the food was very slow coming out. It was only the second day of service so I was willing to cut them some slack!

                My reservation was for 1PM and my client and i both had the seafood chowder (special of the day) and the scallops. it took them almost 30 mins to bring out the soup which was excellent.

                We both commented on how we were surprised there wasnt a large pot of chowder that they then finished (chowder was topped with some additional fresh seafood). Visual very nice and delicious.

                Main course came out shortly after (we stressed we were in a hurry and had to leave ) and was also excellent.

                I was also impressed by the size of the portions. Both the chowder and the mains were well-sized (certainly didnt leave hungry).

                Beautiful room, and again very attentive and polite servers.

                The roof-top patio looks stunning. This will quickly be a new go-to place for the Bay street crowd IMO.

                Cant wait to go back.

                Not cheap! All in tax and tip was $120 with no booze, coffee or dessert.

                1. Drinks and some shared apps last week...for a business dinner/client meeting. I was in a suit...so the "too many suits" rant is moot, but sweet jesus was it LOUD. And it was clearly the hot spot on a rainy Thursday night.

                  Service was very good. Wine by the glass, the same. And the food was just right. Fresh, clean...nothing aggressive in seasoning, but fresh delicious seafood interestingly served.

                  I will go back. But probably with a client...and on the expense account.

                  1. Well-chosen wine list, but hideously expensive. They offer hard cider at market prices: how does that work????

                    1. We went for a birthday celebration on the weekend. Enjoyed the Bay St platter. Yum. The cocktails were divine. Other stand outs were the oysters, tuna, lobster roll, stuffing, lobster claw dish and platter. Even the fried chicken was amazing. We loved the fried apple pie and some key lime cake dessert (shared by group). Service was great. Meal was pricey but worth it. If you go to oyster bar take a moment to peek at the restaurant upstairs. What a beautiful patio that is still open if you want to huddle under a heat lamp and take in the beautiful setting. We will definitely go back. Several reviews in touristy magazines lately so I would recommend trying to book a table well in advance to avoid being disappointed.

                      1. If you had to choose between John & Sons on Temperance or The Chase Fish and Oyster for a midweek dinner, which would you choose? Is The Chase Fish & Oyster relatively quiet (noise-wise) on Tuesdays?

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                          Prima, The Chase Fish and Oyster is the street level restaurant, right? In that case, I prefer John &Son.

                          If you are asking about the Chase upstairs - totally different experience. Dining room rather than "shack house". The food is fabulous upstairs, and the price reflects it.

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                            Yep, I was curious about the street level Chase. Thanks, CocoaChanel :)

                        2. Had dinner there this weekend. We thought it was good but flawed, and massively overpriced.

                          Really enjoyed "The Consort" cocktail (bourbon, calvados, lemon, apple, maple).
                          We started with a variety of raw oysters which were very nice.

                          The "winter chowder" was a squash soup with lovely chunks of seafood - a neat idea and quite tasty, but oversalted.

                          The raw yellowtail with lemon was very good (and apparently sustainable - hope that's accurate), as long as you ate the super-strong pickled onions separately. Even the shiso garnish was a bit overpowering for the fish.

                          The lobster 'Waldorf' roll was quite amazing - large chunks of incredibly tender lobster with walnuts and apple. Very flavourful - but tiny! The two slices of buttery milk bun it was stuffed into were about the size of my palm. For $21! That felt a bit obscene. The accompanying dill-garnished house made chips were tasty but very oily.

                          The oyster sliders were OK but didn't taste strongly of oyster, and again the deep-frying needs work... oil was oozing out of them. These buns also appeared to be coated in butter.

                          The fried chicken had the same problem as the other deep fried dishes - heavy and dripping with oil. But on the plus side, once I scraped the coating off, the meat was delicious! The dark meat particularly tasted like it was marinated in herbs. The smoked cheddar potato bun was absolutely fantastic, possibly my favourite thing out of the whole meal. The savoy slaw was too vinegary and was a little strange from the addition of provolone.

                          Based on the prices for the mains and small dishes, we thought we were safe ordering two desserts (for about $12 each), but they turned out to be quite significant portions. The key lime cake with lime curd and roasted marshmallow and coconut was delightful - perhaps more fun than refined, but really, really fun. The chocolate sundae started out really good, with mascarpone cream, chunks of chocolate cookie crumbs, a good chocolate sorbet, espresso soaked cake and hazelnut ice cream, but deteriorated toward the bottom where there was a flavourless layer of "creme brûlée" without the brûlée.

                          Despite all the flaws we had a really enjoyable evening, and would have considered going back for more of the non-deep-friend items, but for the lack of value for money.

                          1. The menu changed sadly. I miss the lobster claw dish, beets and whitefish appetizer. The new sides did not quite work - brussel sprout Caesar salad and mushrooms. Sundays are a good option if you don't like the jam packed days.

                            1. For those of us working in the area without expense accounts, they have now opened a takeout operation. I have to say the "bamboo charcoal" buns do not photograph or soundbite well...

                              1. I have been to the Chase 2x, and my DH dines there often (for work). Both times I went it was great-Tuna Nachos and the fried Chicken were standouts for me. They also make a KILLER Caesar.