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Jul 14, 2013 04:40 AM

What are you cooking for Sunday dinner today?

For some unknown reason I became obsessed with cooking fried chicken. Like my grandma made. With Crisco. Somehow this got spread about and now I am making fried chicken for the first time in my life... not in my house... but at my boyfriend's grandfather's house with his parents there too. (I do not know how this happened.) Granddad is early stage Alzheimer's and gets pretty much the same food every day and was EXCITED that we'd come over and make fried chicken. I have it in brine now and about to switch it to buttermilk. There is no way this will end well. I'm heading to the store now for potatoes which I should be able to manage and stuff for a cake. I get to prep all this in my kitchen, drive it across town to an unknown kitchen .... I'm sure this will go well. What are you making for Sunday dinner today?

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  1. Brave. Good luck with the adventures in the unknown kitchen. Haven't decided on a plan for WFD here. Something on the grill if it's not raining this evening. Hope to be inspired by selections at the store today (and/or on here).

    Hope the BF's family is appreciative of our efforts. Enjoy.

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      I have rain here. I've decided to cheat on the biscuits and do Rhode's rolls. I decided I don't need bad biscuits on top of bad chicken if it plays out like that. I guess I'm always used to my mom or grandma making a "sunday meal" I just shouldn't have verbalized it!

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        Make as much as you can in advance -- cake, veggie sides, rolls, etc. so when you are there you can just focus on the chicken.

    2. Pack a bag with your own frying pan,utensils, paper towels etc so that the only unknown will be the stove itself. Bring honey for the rolls to make them swoon.
      Good luck! It will be delicious. :)

      1. I'm fryin' chicken myself today. Servin' it with waffles. Got a lousy day comin' up myself tomorrow and it seemed like a reward.

        1. Good luck with the chicken...I would love to master fried chicken but can't quite take the plunge. let us know how it goes.

          lobsters are cheap(ish) these days so we are looking at lobster rolls and chips for dinner. or maybe tossed with pasta if it cools off a little later.

          1. Good luck!! You're in my thoughts for sure! I hope it turns out well and please share your recipe as I'm searching for one.

            Sunday dinner was country fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and biscuits.

            Also anyone have a great southern biscuit recipe?

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              This buttermilk drop biscuit from America's Test Kitchen is pretty good:


              And the recipe for biscuits from Peter Reinhart's "Artisan Breads Every Day" is also really good.

              (They both have ingenious methods, albeit different, for getting the butter into little tiny bits in the biscuit dough.)