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Jul 13, 2013 11:14 PM

Defrosting meat

Do you always defrost meat in refrigerator as opposed to leaving it out on counter or in sink of ice water? Defrosting the correct way requires such advance planning if using meat from freezer!

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  1. I'm not going to lie. I defrost on the counter overnight frequently. Never in my life had I had food poisoning. However, I wouldn't do this during hot summer days/nights.

    1. I defrost it quickly in the microwave. But, back in the days before microwaves, I thawed it on the counter. Where our large Collie dog sometimes found it and ate it. Burp.

      1. all depends on timing as needed, ideally fridge then a few hours on counter then running water at the last minute if still frosty (we're on a deep well and septic tank - so it just goes back into the groundwater)

        but 5 or 6 hours in a mild room is not likely to cause problems. if it's decent to begin with just keep it sealed up and away from large Collies and you should be OK. I'd be more worried about flies or Collies than bacteria.

        1. I just throw it on the counter. No one has died yet.

          1. As a kid (YEARS AGO), we always put frozen meat on drain board of sink to defrost... note in kitchen from Dad... take chicken out of freezer before ya leave for school... do this/that with it when you get home from school. Nobody ever got "sick" that I can remember?

            I'm cooking for 1 so most meat items are in 1-2 serving packages in freezer... vac sealed with yard sale Foodsaver. Most items are thawed and ready to cook after only about 20-30 minutes in a big container of room temp water.