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Jul 13, 2013 09:41 PM

What are the most UNDER-rated restaurants in Westchester?

In your opinion, what are the most UNDER-rated restaurants in Westchester?

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  1. Nino's in Bedford Hills. It's small and it's not fancy but they have consistently good Italian food.

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    1. re: wincountrygirl

      The Nino's in Vista has closed down. Is the Bedford Hills one better than the Vista one was?

      ...awkward sentence. How did they compare?

      1. re: chipmonger

        They had absolutely nothing to do with each other, so that's the first thing. IMO,the one in Vista was dirty and I really did not like the food. Nino's in BH has very good food and when you walk in, it has that wonderful aroma like you are walking into an Italian restaurant. It is probably a bit more upscale than the one in Vista. They have an active bar since it's right across from the train, but a quieter room in back. My dh loves their veal and for me, they actually make their chicken scapariello on the bone - big bonus. I like their pizza - if you like thin crust its very good.

        1. re: chipmonger

          Thanks for the info on Nino's in BH and clarifying about the one in Vista. I never liked the one in Vista either and am eager to give real one in BH a try. Cheers.

      2. Fiamma trattoria in mamaroneck ... I don't think anybody knows about this place and it is incredible

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        1. re: mrgaga

          Not a huge fan or Italian. I can cook pasta at home, and am not a fan of paying $15 for pizza. Not a fan of Paninnis, either.

          1. re: realitytruthprozac

            Okay. If you ask for an underrated restaurant, and someone gives an answer, that should be enough.

            If you asked for "underrated restaurants but only in these specific categories of food that interest me" that's a whole other thread.

            Otherwise, you're really just discouraging people from recommending places they like, if you're just going to swat them down.

            1. re: mrgaga

              Have to respectfully disagree...worst dinner there in ages. Out of everything after waiting almost an hour to sit ( with a reservation), had to ask for food, water, silverware. What finaly did come to the table was not impressive at all. I posted about it after our visit. Won't be returning.

              1. re: MRS

                MRS, I had a very similar experience at Fiamma. Won't return.

                1. re: byramgirl

                  I went in to the night wanting to LOVE it!!! Such a complete disaster from start to finish. :(

                2. re: MRS

                  Me too. I REALLY wanted to love Fiamma -- but unfortunately the food is inconsistent (one time the fresh mozzarella was perfect, another time it seemed store-bought), service is super-slow (strange because the place is so small) and in the winter it's freezing (they need some plastic outside to prevent the cold air from coming into the very small restaurant every time someone opens the door). Oh well.

              2. Birdsall House in peekskill, love everything about it

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                1. re: ryanallday

                  I think I had some very spicy Insanity sauce there once.

                  1. re: ryanallday

                    I love Birdsall House too, but I always hesitate to recommend it to people because I have gotten some pretty terrible service there, particularly when the open up the garden area-- it seems they don't handle the added volume well. Also there's a new waitress there I'm not too fond of who recently raced us through a dinner in about 40 minutes, hovering over our shoulder the entire time we were eating.

                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                      I'd second Birdsall House. I've had good experiences there, though I think it is somewhat uneven. But the space and vibe are great and the food can be great too.

                      I'd add Via Vanti in Mt Kisco, which I think has a very deft and subtle touch and routinely provides interesting fare in a great space. Another Italian (sorry!) that I think is quite good but does not get much praise is Don Tomasso's in Yorktown Heights.

                      I'd also add Gleason's in Peekskill, Lalibela in Mt Kisco, and Jewel of Himalaya in Yorktown Heights, but I think those are all very highly-rated and get a fair amount of press (and therefore don't meet the criteria of this thread).

                      1. re: dma1250

                        i'm at Birdsall and Peekskill Brewery at least bi-weekly, just love the vibes at both places

                        1. re: ryanallday

                          Have you tried Gleason's yet? We went for the first time a couple weeks ago. It's an older crowd and it seemed a lot noisier than Birdsall (it's smaller and the ceiling isn't as high, wonder if that has something to do with it), but the price point ends up being a little lower. The pizzas are great and we each ate only half of ours so they ended up being 2 meals each. They are doing some interesting things with cocktails there and though the beer list is much shorter than Birdsall, it's still got some good choices.

                    2. re: ryanallday

                      i really want to like the birdsall house but I've not had a great meal there. People rave about the burgers, to me the burgers taste like meat loaf with too much pepper.

                      the beer is great but what food have people liked?

                    3. One of my favorites that I have posted about a number of times on this board is the Tap Room at the Kittle House. It really flies under the radar, which is just fine with me. Two caveats-- weekend nights can be very loud, and I have not been since they switched chefs.

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                      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                        We went there a couple of months ago and the food was great. And, you're right, it was very noisy.

                        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                          What's the difference between Tap Room and the Kittle House? Do they have different menus or something? Or just a different atmosphere? Or do you also like Kittle House, as well?

                          1. re: realitytruthprozac

                            Tap room is the bar and yes, they have a different, more casual menu. But, you can still order off of the main menu and you still have the amazing wine list.

                        2. Via Vanti in Mount Kisco. Great food, very innovative, cute atmosphere, (Old but restored RR Station) and excellent service. Flies off the radar.

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                          1. re: lemarais

                            They were so lovely to the Scarsdale refugees from Hurricane Sandy. Food was delish. Service was first rate, even with their limited staff.

                            1. re: jwg

                              Interesting-- Via Vanti is a good ways from Scarsdale... love the environment and the Ital American dishes are terrific. Perfectly cooked pasta, nice little pizzettes, and a good range of nightly specials.

                              For whatever reason, gets short shrift in most Westchester food discussions. Raved about on Yelp, however.