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Jul 13, 2013 07:25 PM

Making chicharrón with duck skin?

Anyone do this?

I know that chicharrón are not just made with pork rinds, but sometimes with chicken, beef, etc.

That said, anyone out there make deep fried duck skin?

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  1. I make deep fried chicken skin (gribenes) pretty regularly, and I assume duck skin would work just as well if not better - I'm just usually too cheap to buy duck. The chicken skins are awesome so I would assume duck skin would be transcendent.

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    1. re: biondanonima

      I, too, play around with chicken skin (chicken candy, anyone? ), which is why I, like you, I think duck would be "transcendent".

      1. re: ipsedixit

        That candy sounds awesome. I really wish there were an easy way to get bulk chicken skins - it seems like they should be widely available, given the preponderance of skinless chicken parts in grocery stores, but for some reason I've never seen skins marketed. They probably get made into pet food or hotdogs. Sad.

    2. I have not fried it.. but I have taken it and liad it on a rack placed on a jelly roll pan then cooked in the oven till it became what I call quackers then I drain off the fat and save it for cooking

      1. Not deep fried but when ever rendering Duck, Chicken or other Skin you end up with delicious Chicharrón AKA Gribenes, Crackli'n, Scratchings Etc....

        1. Every time we make a batch of duck confit at work, I always save the skin after plucking the meat off the bones, I then take it to the deep fryer and crisp it up. One word, addictive, and everyone loves it, the bowl is gone quite quickly. After it comes out I toss it with either a dry seasoning or our house made hot wing sauce, either of which is equally delicious!