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Jul 13, 2013 07:11 PM

Piatti Pronti --Italian restaurant in Laval

I just got back from a wonderful dining experience. Priatti Pronti on Lecorbusier in Laval. Everything was wonderful, the food, service and ambiance. I highly recommend it. Owned by two brother Rocco and Frank. Rocco served us (group of 15) and he was totally accommodating, delightful and entertaining. We all had table d'hote thanks to Rocco. Even if we wanted a meal that a la carte he gave us the table d'hote with it (for a few extra bucks of course). Entrée was soup or salad. Soup was excellent and so was salad. I had lasagna. Wonderful, pasta was very light not heavy at all. Came with coffee and dessert. The desserts were good ones (toblerone cake, ferrer rochet cake, tiramisu) and a nice size to boot. I would definitely return. If you can run there as fast as you can. Bye

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  1. I thought the name was very odd, perhaps a pun on someone's name, but no, it is "Piatti pronti", in standard Italian: 1794, boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval.

    I so wish Italian restaurants here could at least attempt to do the vegetable dishes common over there. That sounds like a hell of a lot of carbs. Wish Rocco and Frank luck and success, just wish they could lighten up a bit.

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      I obviously gave the wrong name, sorry.

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        ask mods to change it otherwise this thread is useless

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          We made this change in the thread title.

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            Thank you! Didn't realize what a serious gaff I made by misspelling the name but you are correct, if the name is incorrectly spelt no one can find it.