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Jul 13, 2013 06:51 PM

Fresh Dungeness crab meat on Oahu?

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone knew where I could find fresh Dungeness lump crab meat on Oahu. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Don't know of anyplace to get fresh Dungeness crab meat unless you get live ones from Tamashiro's Market and cook them yourself, or cooked ones from Costco and pick the meat yourself. I'd be interested if anyone else knows of a source.

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    1. re: macaraca

      Thanks for the reply Macaraca, that's kind of what I figured. Let's both hope there's a secret source here someone can reveal.

    2. Don Quijote sometimes has live Dungeness crabs too.

      1. Yes, I do! We lived out there for a couple years and the best place to get Dungeness crab legs was at Costco in Kapolei. They have whole dungies, but they also have another area there where they broke down the crabs and have packages with just the legs and claws. That we found to be a pretty good deal for buying Dungeness on Oahu. You get quick a few pieces (Costco-like) for around $15 a package. If you buy them whole, you'll pay that or more for one whole Dungie.

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        1. re: Crabma

          Good to know they break them down in Kapolei, but legs and claws are not "fresh lump crab meat" by any definition I understand.

          1. re: macaraca

            No, no, you are right, not fresh, but, you won't get "fresh lump Dungeness Crab meat" in Hawaii unless you can find them "live." "Maybe" Chinatown...

            1. re: Crabma

              Sorry, it's not "maybe" -- I was in Maunakea market yesterday and both crabs and lobsters were staring at me from two big tanks. Nothing is fresher than that.

              1. re: roro808

                Well then, there ya have it! Fresh Dungies!

        2. If you don't mind working on it, you can find live Dungeness Crab (and Boston lobster) in Maunakea market in Chinatown. Nothing is fresher than that... It's about $9.00/lb.