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Jul 13, 2013 04:04 PM

Mexican Birrieria in Los Angeles

Where's the best birrieria (stewed or roasted goat) in Los Angeles these days? My favorite place, Birrieria Jalisco in East LA seems to have closed?? Thanks. Joe

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  1. One place to definitely try is Birrieria Chalio

    3580 E 1st St
    Los Angeles, CA 90063
    (323) 268-5349

    Someone mentioned this place to me but I've never been:

    Flor Del Rio Restaurant
    3201 E 4th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90063
    (323) 268-0319

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    1. re: Servorg

      Had a birria taco from Flor del Rio at Tacolandia and thought it was very good.

      1. re: Servorg

        Agree on Chalio. The real deal. And the lamb head tacos are amazing too.

      2. El Parian on Pico near Union is one of the standard bearers for good reason.

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          On a side note: any idea why you can only have a beer when sitting on the west side of the store?

        2. Birrieria Jalisco? The one on Compton and 77th?

          Was there 2 months or so ago, and it's still open. Good luck.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            No. The one on 1st Street in ELA...

            1. re: Servorg

              What? Birrieria Jalisco is the one across the street from La Serenata de Garibaldi right? When did it close?

            1. I actually like Tacomiendo's version. I doubt it's the very best in LA, but it's very very good and probably the best bet for Westsiders.

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              1. re: BrewNChow

                On the Westside, Monte Alban offers a nice bowl of goat.

                1. re: New Trial

                  Seeing as the OP was going to a place in east L.A., I'm not sure I'm helping but I thought the goat at Monte Alban was pretty good. I also liked the version I got at another Oaxacan joint, Gish Bac on Washington. Oddly enough it's not on their website. It might be a weekend only kind of deal so if anyone wants to try it they'd have to call for more info. Maybe there wasn't enough demand, but the place seems to have a good percentage of customers from Oaxaca.

                  1. re: Feed_me

                    It is weekend only and it's good, but not so good that it stands head and shoulders above other birrias in the area. They do have that chopped up offal on the side, which due to my personal tastes made a nice snack for my cat, but if you like the taste of iron and sewer (aka organ meats) then bon appetit I guess.