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Jul 13, 2013 02:39 PM


Dutch friends told us about "5 Flies", which I can't remember the translation to Dutch. It was a unique experience in terms of the dishes
to choose from--all were unfamiliar to me, but I enjoyed the experience and was glad we went there.

Cobra Café, in the Museumplein area proved a pleasant surprise: my choice of chicken on a bun, with chips proved a winner: crispy, tender, yummy, and very reasonable. When I asked how they got the coating so
crisp they told me it was purchased that way, and they simply deep fried it.

Hotel Food in Doubltree Hilton, Centraal Station was also a pleasant surprise. Great value and quality in the 35 Euro, 3 course special, which included every item on their regular menu, including a superb lobster thermador. Don't miss the rhubarb crepe dessert!

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  1. Their menu must not be very large if a 3-course special includes every item on the menu.... or am I missing something?

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          I didn't take the literal route, but interpreted the post to mean that one could choose 3 courses from the entire menu.

          Believe me, finding food one can be enthusiastic about in the Nederlands is something to celebrate, indeed.

          1. re: nlgardener

            Ah, durr. Maybe I'm just dense.

            I've been to Amsterdam many, many times, and have had the pleasure of any number of 3-course meals -- usually one has at least 3 choices per course.... but I can't remember if the menu was otherwise restricted to what was available.

            de Struisvogel is one of my favorites in the city, actually, despite the fact that they haven't been able to serve their namesake for a while now due to a bird disease in South Africa. Wah.

            Service is ridic friendly, and the food is alway echt lekker.

    1. Let me give you a better idea. For a starter, I chose their
      bouillabaisse. Oh, yum. Shellfish that even included lobster the second time I at there, with marvelous broth poured over. For a main, I chose the Canner Lobster, which did not come out of a can: it came from that location in Holland. Thermador, huge, it was as good as any I've had in the states, but different. Rhubarb crepe for dessert sounded good, but it turned out a lot better than that. The second night, there were other good things on the menu for
      starters, mains and dessert, but I was smitten, and made the same choices all over again. All that for 35 euros? Crazy.