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Jul 13, 2013 02:25 PM

Smashburger in Mill Valley

Smashburger opened in Mill Valley this past week and I went there today. had their Classic Smash, regular size, $4.99. It was pretty good, fairly juicy with good flavor, if too well done (no choice) for my taste. It seemed to be about a 1/4 pound burger. For $1 more, you get the large one, which I assume is about 1/3 pound. Didn't try anything else. Compared to Super Duper Burger (also in Mill Valley)? It's been too long since I had one to really compare. Neither are my favorite burgers, so I'll reserve my burger calories for Pearl's (Mill Valley) and Phyllis Giant Burgers in San Rafael on the Miracle Mile. As a point of reference so you know who's talking, I don't like In-n-Out at all.

745 E. Blithedale
Mill Valley, CA 94941
415-886-4925 10AM-10PM Daily

A few photos: http://ruthvenphotos2.com/smashburger

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  1. I had Smashburger again this weekend and was pleased that I liked it as much as the first time (in Ohio). I prefer it to Super Duper, which seems to have more pedigreed ingredients but less flavor. Although you don't specify how the meat is cooked, it came a touch over medium with a bit of pink inside and very juicy, though a tad on the salty side (as in Zuni salty). It's a very nice burger for the price point. Two burgers (one fancy w avocado and bacon), rosemary shoestring fries, and a Haagen Dazs strawberry shake were only $18 and change. Free fizzy water from the fountain. We asked and the regular is 1/3 lb and the big is 1/2 lb. I'm also indifferent to In and Out and hate their fries.