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Jul 13, 2013 01:16 PM

Naks, Menlo Park

This is a wonderful store with genuinely helpful, knowledgeable owners. In the local newspaper (MP Country Almanac) and online, it's revealed they are in financial trouble. Please support their store if you can and help give them a chance to recover. They also have their wonderful eggs back, btw.

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  1. I always liked this place when I lived nearby. B/c of your post I will go out of my way to shop there in a few weeks when I will be in the area! They deserve support.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I've alerted my friends in the area. I'm glad we have some advance notice and can try to keep this neighborhood gem going. And I had no idea that it carries Dutch products as well.

      Here are the two articles:

      1. After reading The Almanac's article, I paid a visit to Nak's on Friday evening. I hadn't been there for a while because it's hard for me to get there during their opening hours (at least, during the week). I had forgotten how nice the owners are. I purchased a bunch of staples (noodles, tofu, fish cakes, etc.) and as always, some stroopwafels which are my husband's favorite. The one surprise for me was they had Pork Lau Lau, which is flown in from Hawaii once a week. It was pricey (over $15 for 3), but worth it not only to get lau lau's but also to support this great local business.

        I hope they'll be able to stay in business!

        1. Today is Nak's last day in business.

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                Their indiegogo page seems to indicate economic reasons for closing rather than illness or old age (the owners had retired and their son, Ken, had taken over the store), but of course, it could be all those things or a combination of other factors.

                Really sad. They went out of their way to carry things I have never been able to find anywhere else such as non-irradiated mangosteen. According to their Facebook page, Ken is hoping to take the store online and maybe have home delivery.

                1. re: BLD

                  The father was in his seventies and was ill, he retired. After he became ill, the family found out he had mortgaged his home to keep the store open.

                  The son said he was keeping the store open to honor the lease, or that was his story 2-3 years ago. He changed from Asian to Netherlands and business picked up, but not enough.

                  The current owners are the second owner, Nak retired in the eighties. But, the son of the second owner was related to Mr Nakamura, maybe by marriage.

                  Naks had been around since the late 60's.

            1. re: emily

              Nooo, I'm so sad to hear this... I live in MP & quite often when I've needed something & not wanted to drive all over, they have had what I need. Probably rent went thru the roof... Sad :-(