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Jul 13, 2013 01:04 PM

Pork Belly Skin

Hi Hound Friends:

I am preparing a huge Korean feast for a dinner party tonight and I need some advice. At this moment I have pork belly braising in the oven for the past hour; I intend to braise it for another three hours. My husband will glaze and crisp it on our charcoal grill when we are done grilling the meat for Bul Gogi .

Can anyone tell me how to make sure the skin on the pork belly comes out crisp enough so it's not hard to cut, bite, chew and stick to your teeth? I thought about scoring it before braising, but figure the fat will render out just them same with the long time it's in the oven. I also figured it would be super hard to cut thru while still raw.

Do I just cook the shit out of it on the grill, or is there some other trick to getting it easier to eat? I thought about removing it completely, but don't want all the fat pouring onto the coals and losing all of that flavor, never mind the huge flare ups it will cause, anyway.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  1. I suggest a longer cooking time at a lower heat in the oven (I do it at 200-250f for 5-6 hours, then some time on the grill for the smoke flavor, but not for crisping. Then a rest of an hour or so, then into a preheated 500f oven where you will watch it very carefully so that it doesn't burn. This last blast of heat is what makes my porkbelly skin crackle and pop.

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      Awesome, thanks so much for the advice, I just turned the heat down, I will keep it in even longer, then advise my husband about the grill. Thanks again!

    2. Dirty/wx olives is right on, the only other thing I would do is score the skin w/a razor knife, then the skin will break in manageable bites. As far as the hard to bite, chew and sticking to one's teeth, it goes with the territory of a properly crisped pork skin........Pork Belly graces our table when we have a crowd for Weekend coffee, on crispy rolls, lettuce, tomato, it is our version of a BLT!!!

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            It came out perfectly, very easy to eat. See photo above.

      1. Thank you both for chiming in. I followed PesachBenSchlomo's advice and turned my oven down to 250, and kept it in the braise for about five & a half hours. Took it out, and my husband grilled it for a few minutes on the hot charcoal grill. Then, I brushed it with a glaze made of orange juice, maple syrup & crushed red pepper. Put it in a preheated 500 degree oven, and gave it about three minutes. It was not under the broiler, but in the middle of the oven. It came out pretty charred, but was super easy to slice & chew. Definitely came out perfectly! I will use this method from now on. Thanks again for your help. I've attached a picture of the lettuce wrap we made with it, you can see it on the right side of the photo.