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outdoor baby shower, 86 degrees, and I need to bring a cake....

Any suggestions for a delicious cake that will withstand the heat?

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  1. Something heavier, with fruit, maybe, that you can glaze instead of frosting.

    Like this: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/recipe?id=1...

    It's not exactly seasonal (or pretty), but it really holds up in the heat.

    And, I almost forgot to mention, it's really delicious.

    1. I've mentioned this one on a couple recent threads already, but it's just so easy and good. And it doesn't have any icing, cream, etc. so it will be fine in the heat. I would definitely use more raspberries than the recipe calls for, or also add some blueberries or blackberries.


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        This is a fabulous cake, but a small one - only 8 servings or so. If you're serving a crowd, make sure to make two or three!

      2. If you have a large ice chest and a cake pan that fits in the ice chest you can successfully transport a cake with icing by putting a baking sheet or large pan upside down over a bag of ice at the bottom of the ice chest and then the cake on top of it.

        I know that isn't what you asked but it might expand your options some.

        1. It's berry season, so how about an angel food cake with a berry compote and whipped cream.

          1. Red velvet cake w/ either boiled frosting or 7 minute frosting.

            1. A lemon cake with a lemony glaze. Lemon is always refreshing in the summer.

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                I was going to suggest Ina Garten's Lemon Cake - it is DELICIOUS. No icing, just a glaze, which will be fine in the heat.

              2. Pound cake. Maybe one with brown sugar, and a peach compote to spoon over the slices.

                1. Bon appetite has a blackberry buttermilk cake that is beautiful, delicious and can travel! Any berries will work (I often use black currants in season!) you can find the recipe on line under the name. They make it in a springform pan, but I use a jelly roll pan for grab able squares for casual events. Still the same recipe, but a shorter cooking a time.

                  1. Ice cream cake on some smoking dry ice. Lift out of a cooler with a towel and present just before serving. The kids will love the smoke.

                    1. agree about something light, like lemon or angel food. you can bring berry or peach compote to spoon over at the last minute and a big bowl of fresh whipped cream, kept submerged in a bigger bowl of ice, as topping.

                      glazes and frostings will weep and melt.

                      1. Love these suggestions! Thank you very much.

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                          but what did you end up baking? Please let us know.

                          I am late, but I would like to offer one more. This recipe is 50+ years old, and still a winner --


                          No need to worry about storage with this cake. And it is seriously good.

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                            Hi Nikki,
                            Shower is this coming Friday, so I still have a few days to obsess over which cake(s) to bring. Besides heat, the forecast now includes isolated thunderstorms :0( Thanks for your recipe suggestion. I think I have had that cake and it IS good.

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                              I can't believe someone else remembers Orange Kiss Me Cake - one of the things I remember that was made by my mother. I have made it since and still enjoy it.