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GVA Curry recommendations?

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  • kati3 Jul 13, 2013 12:09 PM

Hey Chowhounders,

Wondering where your favorite place to eat indian curry? I am looking for authentic curry (not toned down).

I quite like http://www.saravanaabhavan.ca/ on broadway but am looking to expand. We just bought a car so now we have access out to Delta and Surrey etc....

I like Vij's but I am not really into the whole fine dining indian food thing...

I also like spicy :)

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  1. Unfortunately I think Saravanaa Bhavan has closed it's West Broadway location. It's now another Indian place called Sargam House which doesn't get very good reviews although I haven't tried it myself.

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    1. re: islandgirl

      I liked S.B. as well and was shocked to read the health inspection reports...everything from rodents to black mold.

      1. re: 1newyorkguy

        Ahhhh dont say that!

        I read the Coastal Health Reports on resturants religiously (for closed or repeat infractions) but had kind of fallen off the rails with it lately.

        Probably better off that it is gone.....

        I like hole in the wall --- but not that hole in the wall.

        1. re: kati3

          As long as the hole-in-wall isn't that of Chez Souris ;-)

    2. I can't say it is world class but I had a couple of meals at Ginger Indian in Richmond recently http://www.gingerindiancuisine.com/ that were decent; seems to be run by some young folks who are trying hard. Closer to Van than Surrey.

      1. Want good Indian food? Make friends with an Indian person from South Van or Surrey and try to get an invitation to a family dinner at their house. The best Indian food is cooked at home.

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          LOL glean friendship of a person to eat a home cooked indian meal - interesting strategy.

          I agree, good indian food is cooked at home - but given the diverse South Asian community, surely this most translate into at least a few good restaurants.


        2. If you're near a skytrain and head out to Surrey there is a place 5mins walk from the last stop that I like. http://tasteofpunjab.ca/index.html

          Most of the time it is excellent. A couple times the tandoori was a little dry and the naan over cooked but that could just be a change of cooks for the day. Not sure. Usually very standard and they'll make it as hot as you like.

          1. I think there was a post on a similar topic recently -- I don't recall the suggestions made there, other than the one to seek out an Indian grandma. In any case, in the interim, you may want to check out Spice Up, which is on Main, near King Edward. It is run by a young Nepalese couple and the husband, who is the chef, trained in India. I don't know that I would call it super-authentic, but they're friendly and it is about as good as it gets here sans grandma.

            1. Sooo was registering for a class at Langara today and noticed the Main Kabab Hut.....

              I know people have recommended it before under other threads so I decided to try it.

              Suuuuper hole in the wall, which secretly deep down, I love (as long as I dont get sick).

              But the food was tasty!