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Buying Truffle Oil in San Diego

Anyone have a source for decent truffle oil in San Diego for some truffley home cooking?

I don't have a pig so I can't find and make my own :(

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  1. I don't believe there is such a thing. Truffles don't make oil. One can infuse oil with truffles, but usually "truffle oil" is made artificially.


    1. Specialty produce used to carry it, but I'd call first. Jonathan's/Harvest Ranch Market definitely carries it.

      1. I buy from this company:
        No chemicals. Delicious, delicate flavor. It's pricey, but it's nice to support a small business owner who's making the real thing.

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            OT, but as a side comment, Assenti's is the only place in the city I'll go to to get fresh pasta.

          2. Costco sometimes carries it. I thought it was decent.

            1. Thanks for the replies everyone (even Fakey lol). I will report back once I pick some up to try.

              (looking to experiment with incorporating some truffle oil in to the root vegetable purees I often make)

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                But FN is correct that 99% of all commercially available truffle oils are not made from truffles but chemicals, 2,4- dithiapentane. Even in most restaurants many "truffle" dishes are made this way as long as you don't actually see some shaved truffles

              2. Hey, folks, we nuked some back and forth about whether the poster knew or didn't know that truffle oil is often artificial. It's fine to let people know the difference or ask them in a friendly way if they care -- preferably also while letting them know where they can get the stuff you'd recommend -- but arguing with other posters about what the original poster does or doesn't want kind of dragged the thread as a whole off-topic.

                1. I get my truffle oil at Ross!

                  I know it sounds weird but it's good enough for me...d;^)