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Jul 13, 2013 10:54 AM

foodmill question

when putting tomatoes through a foodmill-does it deseed the tomatoes too? or do they get pushed through?
is it worthy buying-pluses/minuses?
thanks :)

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  1. Yes, it removes the seeds, as long as you use a disc that won't allow them to go through. I don't use mine that often, mostly for tomatoes, but I like having it, as it sometimes is really the only tool that will do the job without making a ton of work for yourself. I don't think that they are very expensive, you might want to look in a thrift store first.

    1. Currently on eBay there are 75+ Foley Food Mills for $10 or less, not even considering Moulinex or baby food brands.

      1. Yes, it will remove the seeds. If you are going to cook the tomatoes at some point, it is much easier to mill the tomatoes after they have been cooked rather than when they are raw--in my experience anyway.

        1. awesome thank you! ill give ebay a look!

          1. I have a few I got at local thrift stores for little $. No shipping costs, you see what you are getting, and you support local business/charities.

            I use mine for tomatoes, and they also work great for graham cracker crusts.

            They can be a little awkward to get used to, I am still playing around with mine to figure out all that I can do with it.

            Look for plates that have raised burrs, they are better than ones that are smooth allowing the food to simply slide around on.