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Oct 13, 2003 06:03 PM

Austin: Any feedback on Iron Cactus north?

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I went there for only the second time on Saturday night, and found the whole experience better than expected.

I hadn't been there since the restaurant's early days, so I was expecting a huge wait and a fight for parking, neither of which happened. I'm not sure if this is a typical Saturday evening, or just a by-product of half-of-Austin making the trip to Dallas for OU weekend. Anyway, I was pleased.

For dinner, I took the waiter's advice and ordered the Camarones a la Parilla (shrimp wrapped in bacon and jalepeno strips). It was very good, but I'm not sure why the meal was served on a sizzling seemed the only thing this accomplished was to make the spanish rice continue to cook and stick to the platter. It didn't ruin the meal, but it seemed strange to sacrifice food quality for presentation.

My dining companions were equally pleased with their selections. One friend ordered the special that night, which was a very tasty catfish fillet breaded in I-forget-what, and fried. It was served over queso, which is why I suspect she ordered it, the cheese lover that she is. The other friend ordered the quesadillas, which are hard to screw up, regardless.

So all in all, I was pleased. Does anyone have any input on whether this was a typical Saturday night dining experience? Also, what are some other entree favorites?

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  1. From your description, it doesn't sound like your meal was all that great. Fried fish on queso? Yuck. My experience has been that that the tequila is quite nice. Why not walk next door to North by Northwest, a brewpub with very nice food.

    1. Oh I wish Iron Cactus would go back to their routes. Quit trying to be what you are not. Go back to offering good fajitas, enchiladas at good prices. You are not Fonda San Miquel. The whole mess started when the north brought on a jacksass manager who tried to change the concept and turn it into PF Changs mexican.

      Thank god they put a decent manager up North and the food has been changing for the better.