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Jul 13, 2013 07:35 AM

Salad for Potluck Brunch

Hi all,

A friend is having a potluck brunch next weekend, and I have been tasked with bringing a salad of some sort. Any crowd pleasing suggestions? Only criteria here is no fish/seafood. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I love a tabouli salad, tortellini if you want pasta-ish with pesto, lentil, or a traditional Greek without all that lettuce. This time of year, there is hardly an farm-stand ingredient that I don't turn into a salad.

    1. I love nancy silverton's chopped salad. It is chock full of salami, cheese, chickpeas and lots of oregano and of course vegetables. Cooking your own chickpeas in a seasoned stock makes all the difference.

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        i didn't start this thread, but i LOVE this suggestion! I'm always looking for portable salads. excellent choice!

      2. this is my go to favorite for company, holidays and office potlucks.

        1. My mother makes a meatless taco salad that's very popular. Kidney beans, lettuce, cheese, onion, fritos corn chips, etc. with a catalina dressing. I could ask for the recipe, if anyone's interested.

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            I would love to have her recipe. Also, I wonder if she has ever tried another dressing. Catalina isn't a favorite here.
            Thanks ePressure.

          2. Would you consider a fruit salad? This time of year there's so much great fruit available, that it seems a shame not to embrace it.

            You could do a red/blue dish with red grapes, blueberries, prune plums, watermelon, strawberries, black raspberries. Whatever is available.

            Pair that with a green/yellow dish with green grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, orange or tangerine supremes. Personally, I'd put avocado in there, too.

            You wouldn't really need any dressing except maybe a little honey-citrus mixture.