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Jul 13, 2013 07:25 AM

NJ hound in town to eat early August

Greetings hounds!

On my first visit to SF since I was 15, I am so looking forward to some great chow. Unless they are unique or exceptional, we have had enough high end dining lately (Alinea, Per Se, EMP, etc.) and we are after more ethnic and hole in the wall/cheap eats. We are staying in the financial district.

I've perused this board going back about a year so I know what's hot and being talked about, but I always reply to personal appeals and I know some of my west coast brethren will do the same.

From breakfast to snacks to full on feasts to great markets we are game and we have a week to eat. We do not have a car, but we will travel (mostly mass transit if it is running) and we love to walk. We eat everything so no restrictions.


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  1. I like to slurp oysters at lunch at Hog Island in the Ferry Plaza. I also like to cherry pick bread, cheese, cured meats, whatever from the shops there and then grab a seat at the bar at the Wine Merchants: good wines by the glass, good service, great people watching.

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      Thanks Steve. That market is definitely on my list as we plan on taking the ferry on at least one day's outing.

      Hog Island it is then ;o)