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Jul 13, 2013 07:07 AM

anywhere to eat half-way between little rock and st. louis, along US 67?

we're doing a road trip that will include lunch in little rock, a little touring, and then heading to st. louis with dinner to be eaten somewhere halfway between. that looks to be somewhere around pocahontas, arkansas, or poplar bluff, missouri.

please tell me it isn't a complete culinary wasteland out there...

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  1. We have been to Godsey's Grill in Jonesboro twice in the last year when going through the area. It may be a little off 67 but we like it enough to veer. Creative combinations. I had a hamburger that involved peanut butter that was good. Sort of really good versions of bar food.
    One of my favorite places used to be in Hoxie but it is long gone.

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      thanks for the suggestion! we've had to postpone till another year that portion of our trip (realized that with three young children, we had to reduce the mileage we were going to undertake), but i'll definitely keep this in mind for next time. anybody who can get creative with a burger is alright in my book.