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Jul 13, 2013 05:22 AM

What's new in Portland?

We're heading up to Portland this week, and then on to Skowhegan for the Kneading Conference the week after. I was wondering if there's any new restaurants worth checking out, or any old ones that have gone downhill?

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  1. Sonny's for Crafted Cocktails and North Point for salumi and wine. IDK how new Grace is but the space is cool and they have a 10+ item charcuterie menu with a pick 3, pick 5 pricing special.

    1. And I think Hugo's just re-opened after a remod but I haven't been yet.

      1. you will probably find more related posts on the Northern New England board.

        1. How new is 'new'? There's a brand new one on Fore Street (opened July 4) called Compass Rose that is already getting a lot of good buzz.

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            Well, we were last there this time last year. The restaurant Fore Street and Miyake are the two that we most enjoyed that trip.

          2. Had lunch in Portland last Monday at Duck Fat It's not new, but if you haven't been there, I'd certainly recommend it. The fries, of course, are exceptional, with various dipping sauces. I had a special charcuterie option of headcheese, and very mushroomy mushroom soup. They have their own in-house versions of sodas. The root beer had a medicinal flavor that really grew on me! Every plate that I saw looked delicous.

            We had a 45 minute wait, no reservation, party of 6, but we found the area to be nice to browse around. I spent some time peeping in the front window of Eventide Oyster Co. at a guy eating what I think must have been what they call New England Clam bake. THAT'S where I'll go next time. Perfectly beautful seafood. I bet it's expensive, and I bet it's worth it! Reservations would be a good idea, if they take them.

            By the way, I'm from Skowhegan. I haven't been around for the Kneading Conference, it began after I moved away, so I don't know where in town it's held, but if you're there on a Saturday, the Farmer's Market is one of the best I've seen anywhere and gets better every year. Nice cafe where you can grab a bite or have breakfat too. Have a great time!

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              It's held at the fairgrounds. This will be our third year and yes, it is a nice farmers' market. Across the street, the Bankery is a great little bakery, and I was surprised by the Thai restaurant which we also enjoyed.

              We went to Duck Fat our first year and neither of us were really impressed. Maybe we hit it on a bad day.