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What's new in Portland?

UnConundrum Jul 13, 2013 05:22 AM

We're heading up to Portland this week, and then on to Skowhegan for the Kneading Conference the week after. I was wondering if there's any new restaurants worth checking out, or any old ones that have gone downhill?

  1. ScubaSteve Jul 13, 2013 06:51 AM

    Sonny's for Crafted Cocktails and North Point for salumi and wine. IDK how new Grace is but the space is cool and they have a 10+ item charcuterie menu with a pick 3, pick 5 pricing special.

    1. ScubaSteve Jul 13, 2013 06:52 AM

      And I think Hugo's just re-opened after a remod but I haven't been yet.

      1. m
        Madrid Jul 13, 2013 07:25 AM

        you will probably find more related posts on the Northern New England board.

        1. d
          Dotyparx Jul 13, 2013 07:35 AM

          How new is 'new'? There's a brand new one on Fore Street (opened July 4) called Compass Rose that is already getting a lot of good buzz.

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          1. re: Dotyparx
            UnConundrum Jul 13, 2013 09:13 AM

            Well, we were last there this time last year. The restaurant Fore Street and Miyake are the two that we most enjoyed that trip.

          2. Pat Hammond Jul 13, 2013 09:46 AM

            Had lunch in Portland last Monday at Duck Fat http://www.duckfat.com/ It's not new, but if you haven't been there, I'd certainly recommend it. The fries, of course, are exceptional, with various dipping sauces. I had a special charcuterie option of headcheese, and very mushroomy mushroom soup. They have their own in-house versions of sodas. The root beer had a medicinal flavor that really grew on me! Every plate that I saw looked delicous.

            We had a 45 minute wait, no reservation, party of 6, but we found the area to be nice to browse around. I spent some time peeping in the front window of Eventide Oyster Co. at a guy eating what I think must have been what they call New England Clam bake. THAT'S where I'll go next time. Perfectly beautful seafood. I bet it's expensive, and I bet it's worth it! Reservations would be a good idea, if they take them.

            By the way, I'm from Skowhegan. I haven't been around for the Kneading Conference, it began after I moved away, so I don't know where in town it's held, but if you're there on a Saturday, the Farmer's Market is one of the best I've seen anywhere and gets better every year. Nice cafe where you can grab a bite or have breakfat too. Have a great time!

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            1. re: Pat Hammond
              UnConundrum Jul 13, 2013 03:31 PM

              It's held at the fairgrounds. This will be our third year and yes, it is a nice farmers' market. Across the street, the Bankery is a great little bakery, and I was surprised by the Thai restaurant which we also enjoyed.

              We went to Duck Fat our first year and neither of us were really impressed. Maybe we hit it on a bad day.

            2. d
              Dotyparx Jul 13, 2013 01:58 PM

              I would second Eventide. There's a two-year-old German restaurant, Schultze and Herr, that is supposed to be quite good. If you care for some beer or wine (I don't know if you drink alchohol), I would recommend stopping into Novare Res off Exchange Street if you have not been. (I live in Portland, by the way.) Enjoy.

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