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Jul 13, 2013 04:00 AM

Induction Cooking Help. Preheat how?

I just moved into a new house and am having a horrible time with the induction cooktop. I've only really cooked on gas and "transitioning" to induction is more than frustrating. The cooktop is an AEG like this one:

The controls go from 1 to 14 with a boost sort of feature. Boiling water is simple and fast of course, it's the medium low temp I don't understand. Preheat takes forever (the opposite of what I read about induction). Normally I'd fry eggs on gas at medium low. It's easy. Turn stove on, add butter, once water sizzles out of butter, add eggs. The whole process takes about 6 minutes. Using a de Buyer Mineral B pan and setting the control to 5 (medium low-ish) it takes at least six minutes just to get the pan hot enough to melt butter let alone sizzle. I tried 8, same thing. I tried 10, same thing but slightly quicker. I tried the boost setting where it pre heats until it "senses" the pan is hot enough then goes to the temp you selected. Butter burns really quickly using this. If I wait until it thinks it's fully preheated I need to wait more than 5 minutes for the pan to cool down to add butter and even then it browns immediately.

I really hate this thing but I rarely hear a bad word about induction. I assume I'm doing something wrong. I consider myself a more than average cook but after one month fighting this beast, I'm fed up. Can anyone offer suggestions, help, etc.? I know all induction controls are (frustratingly) very different but should 7 equal medium on a scale of 1-14? Sounds like a stupid question but 1-6 seems to be really low, 7-10 med low, 11-13 medium, 14 scorch. And the preheat is killing me.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I can't answer your question.

    I've cooked 3 meals so far on my GE 36"...2 dinners and eggs this morning for breakfast.

    I preheated my cast iron pan for the eggs just like I would with anything else...worked fine.

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    1. re: JayL

      Preheated this morning on "2". Perfect.

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        Hi, Jay:

        I think this issue is comparable to the old "Le Creuset-Won't-Work-on-Viking" problem: There's undoubtedly a glitch in the sensors/electronics in some brands/lines/models. Hopefully, there aren't any that apply to safety.


    2. Does your unit have a temperature mode? I wonder if that is, in some way, messing with the power settings.

      My induction unit is an inexpensive hot plate. It has 10 power settings. Default 5 is fine for boiling water, and starting to saute things. But for most cooking I soon reduce heat to 3 or lower.

      Is Mineral B one of their thicker pans? I have a Force Blue. It works fine on the induction, though it isn't my favorite pan on that burner.

      In an induction compatible aluminum pan, I can cook a eggs by starting it cold with oil on level 2. This is for an even,no crisp edges, egg.

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        I believe the Mineral B is thicker than the Force Blue. I will say it's a pain to try and season these on induction as it seems to create rings of seasoned parts.

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            Now that's just full on snark. :p

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          In fry pans, Mineral B is .5-1mm thicker than Force Blue, depending on pan size. Force Blue are 2mm thick.

        2. Electrolux now owns AEG, so it's possible that owners of Electrolux induction cooktops might be able to share useful experience. Yours seems similar in features to the 30" Icon model (E30IC75FSS).

          Another place to ask for help might be the Kitchen Forum at GardenWeb (, and/or the appliance forum there. The Kitchen participants are somewhat more helpful in my experience.

          1. amini1 I have a Miele induction cooktop and I find that the responsiveness of my pans varies greatly depending on their make and composition. I find my All Clad Stainless (not the D5) are the most responsive and I do notice the differences in each # on the temp scale. The pan heats up instantaneously. Conversely, I have an old TFal non-stick frying pan that's been with us for some time and that thing is a beast on the cooktop. I find I have to maintain a high setting 9 or 10 to get the same results I would achieve at a much lower setting on my ACSS pan. The D5 cookware is good and, from what I understand it is supposed to have been designed w induction cooking in mind but I still find that my older AC stainless pieces work just that much better.

            So, all that said, I wonder if you could try using different pans to see if your results vary.

            1. Hi, amini1: "I rarely hear a bad word about induction."

              You obviously haven't read many of my posts.