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Jul 13, 2013 02:57 AM


What do you put in your migas?

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  1. Are you talking about traditional style or more like the kind you find in tex-mex places?

    I make a mean version of the tex mex style- eggs and cojita cheese along with whatever hot peppers I have on hand, grilled onions, tomatoes and strips of corn tortillas. Occasionally there will bacon. I top with more chopped tomatoes and some avocado. One the side I like black beans and buttered tortillas.

    1. I use salsa roja (add first and dry it up a bit so you don't have watery eggs) tortilla chips from the bottom of the bag, melting cheese. Add dashes of Valentina to the eggs on my plate. I usually add the chips close to the end so some of them stay a little crunchy.

      I recall eating them at a friend's house and her mom just put chopped onion and tomato in the pan, sauteed, then added fried corn tortilla strips and eggs. This was served with white tortillas and the salsa was added to the tacos, not to the pan with the eggs.

      I also remember seeing them being made with Doritos :D

      Here is a video featuring a classic Mexican norteƱa recipe:

      I've heard in Spain and in southern MX they make migas with white bread rolls.

      1. Whose migas are you talking about? The Texas variation on Mexican chilaquilas, or the Spanish bread crumbs?

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          I make only the Spanish variety..chorizo. Ceci beans. Egg, sometimes. I also make a pseudo migas with chorizo, garbanzo and kale, with a touch of sherry from a Mark Bittman recipe in NYTimes.