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Jul 12, 2013 10:14 PM

Dick and Jenny's: new owners? still worth it?

I am going to be in New Orleans in August and had been planning to go back to Dick and Jenny's......I had a great meal there a few years ago.

But I just saw that ownership has recently changed.......and that there may be some significant changes to the menu (I notice the website no longer includes a sample menu).

Is the restaurant still just as good under new ownership? How much has the menu changed?

I only have two nights in New I can't really afford to waste a meal on a sub-par dinner (other dinner will likely be at Cochon).

Thanks in advance for your would be a shame if Dick and Jenny's went downhill.....or has been transformed into something altogether different!

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  1. Have been wanting to go there for years and went last Tuesday, unaware of the change in ownership. Don't know what it was like before, but it would get a "meh" review from

    1. It's the same pair who own Martinique on Magazine and Cristiano's (sp) in Houma. I think they are smart enough not to mess with a good thing, as they showed when they bought Martinique. Anything lacking with the food I doubt would be the owner's fault, unless they changed chefs for no good reason.