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Jul 12, 2013 09:56 PM

Asian/Chinese Chicken Salad on Oahu

Where is your favorite and what does it have in it? I haven't been there in a number of years, but the Plantation Cafe at the AlaMoana hotel used to make what they called Jade of the Orient Salad, it was really really good. Just wish I could remember what was in it. The dressing was good too, slightly creamy, slightly asian. Hard to describe.

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  1. I wonder that too! I haven't had any that were memorable myself. Aloha salads has a facsimile of Chinese chicken salad but I can't recall what they name it. I like CPK Chinese chicken salad, although its not the healthiest..

    1. I have never been a fan of CCS, but I love a good taco salad made with fritos and catalina dressing. and I love frito pie, but I digress.

      pretty all the CCSs I've had are just lettuce, chicken, won ton strips, and a sesame dressing. I like it, but would rather have another instead.

      1. I used to love the zippys CCS. It was always nice and crisp, with wonton strips and tasty dressing. Yum.