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Jul 12, 2013 08:26 PM

Looking for a Patisserie in Rhode Island?

I have been on the search for European style gateau for a few years now? Was very sad when Ursula in Cranston closed...
The closest thing to the style of cakes I am looking for is what the carry at Whole Foods, which isn't that great a selection. I have been to Wrights Diary (they do have some cream cakes), Pastiche ( not what I am looking for as they carry buttercream style frostings), Scrumptious ( they really didn't have anything retail, everything had to be pre-ordered).
What I am used to is a shop like Payard's Bakery or Lady M's in NYC....anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. Good luck - best / closest you'll likely find is Modern Pastry in either Hartford or Boston (related shops). Both have outstanding fresh fruit & Italian rum cakes, among other items, including outstanding Italian cookies. Both do have cream-based items.

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      Love Modern Pastry esp their Torrone and cannoli!

    2. There's Maison Villette if you want to come to Falmouth on the Cape. You won't find better French pastry outside of Paris. Search this board and you'll see what I mean. It's owned by the former head baker at the equally excellent PB Boulangerie in Welfleet., but this is even better IMO as the selection is greater.

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          Damn this thread. Happened to be in Falmouth today so i had to stop and get a fresh warm batard, pain au chocolate, and a couple of chocolate eclairs.

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            a couple of more photos...

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              Omg, thank u Soo much! This is what I was looking for! Now I just gotta get in the car n go!

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            Interesting that they do bread and pastries. Don't believe I've ever seen a top-of-the-line bakery provide both.

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              And both the bread and pastries are all top notch and worth the trip. The savories like quiche, croque monsieur and the like are excellent as well, not to mention the coffees.

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              Thanks have tried them, they have great macarons but no gateaux per se...:(

            2. Try The French Confection in Middletown -
              Lots of lovely things.