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Jul 12, 2013 07:51 PM

Yummy, casual pre-wedding dinner spot for 17 people?

My fiance and I are looking for a place to have a casual, low-key dinner with our families on the Friday night before our wedding in late August. We want the food to be good, but simple and casual is fine by us. Our group of 17 people ranges in age from a 10-year-old (so not too stuffy) to an 80-year-old (so not too loud). Our first idea was Roberta's, but they don't take large group reservations on a Friday night, or Pok Pok, but they don't take reservations at all. Our next ideas are Congee Village and Katz's Delicatessen. Anyone have any other ideas along this line? Thank you!!

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  1. Brooklyn or Queens are okay by us, BTW!

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      For Brooklyn and Queens, you should make a separate post to the Outer Boroughs board.

    2. Peasant's subterranean, rustic Italian wine bar.

      I don't know if they take reservations and unsure if the music level wld be too loud -depends on time of night.

      1. I've seen large tables at Frankies on Hudson St., but it may be too loud. Le Zie, on Seventh Ave. and 20th St. probably can give you a private room (either the back room or the upstairs room).

          1. Had a great experience with a large, varied party at Rubirosa. Food was excellent (there was way to much of it), and they were very accommodating about menu modifications and same week changes to head count.