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Recommendations for UP between St. Ignace and Houghton?

I've read the thread on mid-Michigan, which should be helpful for the first stage of our journey. Once we make it to the UP, what's good between St. Ignace and Houghton? I don't know our exact itinerary yet, but we will be spending one night in Houghton. Any really good pastie places or other local specialties? ( I fantasize about encountering a mysterious chef, like Adam in Northern Exposure, but I know the difference between fantasy and reality.)

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  1. There was a pretty comprehensive thread on this topic last summer:


    Recently Jane and Michael Stern of "Road Food" fame did a piece on Lynne Rossetto Kasper's NPR food show about Marquette's Sweetwater Café. They raved about Upper Peninsula maple syrup, and also about Lake Superior Whitefish, which you will find fresh in many restaurants.

    Since you will be close to the Keweenaw Peninsula, you might want to make a visit to the Holy Transfiguration Monastery and Bakery in Eagle Harbor. The brothers there make the best Wild Thimbleberry Jam that I've tasted.

    1. My recs....in Marquette The Portside Inn, gotta get their bread sticks and cheese dip (legendary!) or Lagnappes (Cajun at it's finest!) Houghton... Joeys seafood for non-fancy fish and chips. The Jampot is the name of the monestarys store, and it is in Eagle River, a little ways from Houghton. Their baked goods are to DIE for!

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        I recall having a good pasty at Jean Kay's in Marquette several years back. Has anyone been recently? Are they still good?

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          I was at Jean Kay's last month but ordered a sandwich, (which was very good.)

      2. Forgot to add Jasper Ridge Brewery which is about 14 miles west of Marquette. Excellent food and beers!

        1. If you're just looking for a simple lunch to go or take with, I love Togo's in Marquette.
          I always get the #16
          And I'll second the Lagniappe's recommendation.

          1. Try the Library in Houghton or Vangos in Marquette.
            Jean Kays in Marquette is also good. I was in the UP last month but did eat any pastys, (not the biggest fan.)

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              Vangos does have a Cudighi sandwich - Cudighi being a locally made Italian sausage, definitely a regional speciality.

              There's a lot of local debate about who has the best cudighi in the area. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I do hear Ralph's Italian Deli in Ishpeming and Tino's in Negaunee frequently mentioned.

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                I can vouch for Ralph's, if cudighi is on one's list of 'must-try'.

            2. I third Lagnappes, and stay at the Landmark. And if you make it all the way to Copper Harbor, eat at Harbor Haus and stay at the Dapple Grey Bed and Breakfast.

              1. In St. Ignace, Suzy's for pasties or Clyde's for old-fashioned drive-in burgers. Both are on US 2 as you head west. If you're interested in scenic stops near that leg of the trip, Cut River Bridge is worth the stop for a short hike, and the beach at Hiawatha National Forest pull-off is nice and quiet.

                1. Thanks, everyone! I will keep this info handy as we begin our trek across the UP. I should have mentioned that this will not be a leisurely road trip, which is a pity because I'd love to take some time for Eagle Harbor.

                  1. Don't miss Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising. You can hike to the sandstone cliffs or see them from a boat cruise on Lake Superior.

                    Muldoon's Pasties in Munising are my favorites.

                    About 15 miles south of Munising, in Wetmore, try the Camel Riders Restaurant for fairly pricey but very good food. It's tucked away in the woods.

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                      If you're doing Munising, I'm going to second a rec that has appeared elsewhere for Johnny Dog's. Perfect after a day of hiking.

                    2. Thanks again for your recommendations. I was afraid that the UP would be like mid-Michigan, only more so, but I was delighted with the drive to Houghton. Thanks to the recommendations I received here, we had pasties at Muldoon's in Munising and dinner at The Library in Houghton. I've never been impressed by any of the pasties I had in the Detroit area, but my chicken pastie from Muldoon's was delicious! DH enjoyed his beef pastie and brought home one frozen. I had the nut-encrusted walleye at The Library--very good, but the portion size was intimidating. I still have leftovers from Saturday's dinner. We bought smoked whitefish in Macinaw City, and that's been giving us some good breakfasts. I'm hoping my DD will enjoy her summer program at Michigan Tech so that we can return next year, and plan for a longer visit to try out some other recommendations here. I'm especially interested in visiting the Jampot shop at the Holy Transfiguration monastery.

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                        The JamPot is definitely worth an extra trip when you can make it up next!

                        When I was young I went to the summer programs at Tech for several years and enjoyed all of them. But my family only had a 2 1/2 hour drive.

                        I live in the lower P, but happen to in the UP for our final couple of days visiting my parents. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the Ore Dock brewery in MQT and Tino's cudighi pizza for dinner :-)

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                          Say you can't find great pastie Detroit area,,,, old time place in Southgate I've be getting them for decades is call The Pasty Shop on North Line between Fort and Dix. Here's the link to the Facebook page enjoy


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                            Thanks—have always wondered about this.