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Jul 12, 2013 06:49 PM

Anchorage Sunday brunch?

Spending 4 days in Anchorage in late July, and my job is to find someplace to have Sunday brunch. Only requirements are that the food be good and they sell bubbly by the bottle. Searches have yielded lots of "food mediocre/overrated" reviews. Hope 'hounds can help!

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  1. sorry - can't help with brunch - but i will say that we really enjoyed the food and the setting at this place downtown (near the Alaska RR train station)

    i note that reviews of Anchorage restaurants sometimes complain about service - well, it is a very busy and short tourist season - and I think that it's hard to get good help - because it is not year-round employment. I noticed that issue at our hotel - it was a bit untrained at the front desk etc - but everyone was certainly friendly and willing to try and help even if they were a bit slow about it or lacking knowledge.

    1. I can report that we did find a delicious, casual brunch spot--Snow City cafe (or maybe it's Snow City diner). Standard breakfast fare, deliciously prepared, and a pomegranate-raspberry mimosa that is not to be missed. Our best find: Marx Brothers restaurant. I would travel to Anchorage just to dine there. Highly professional service, beautifully prepared fish and meat cooked to proper temperature (medium-rare for salmon) and an exceptional tableside-prepared Caesar salad that is one of the best I've ever had. It will remind you why this salad has become so popular. Also, fresh and flavorful oysters.

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        Marx Bros is indeed superb. They make Caesar the original way--and almost no one else does. Most fans of Caesar salad have never had one like what they'd get at Marx, and they have no idea what they're missing. Unless something has changed since I moved away, though, they're probably not open for brunch.