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Jul 12, 2013 06:17 PM

Best vegetarian chili recipe for the freezer

We're expecting our first baby in late October, and I know that I'll be glad I made some things ahead and froze them... Please suggest your favorite vegetarian chili recipe. FWIW we hate bell peppers. But I'd love a version that included tempeh!

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  1. Congratulations on the new addition!!! I love this one:
    You can obvs omit the pumpkin bowl for serving and bell pepper, and then do one can beans plus crumbled tempeh. The squash and black beans combo is really delicious.
    Also love this one from mark bittman:
    Haha, more black beans. I always use canned and canned martzano tomatoes. No bell peppers and has tempeh.
    When my nephew was a newborn my sister loved one handed food. I made her burritos, meatless balls, tofu-"egg" and veg muffins (like a tofu scramble but with pureed tofu and baked in muffin tin), and oatmeal breakfast cookies all for her freezer.

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      oh, those all sound great! thank you!!

      I would love a recipe for those oatmeal breakfast cookies and the tofu egg and veg muffins.