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Jul 12, 2013 06:04 PM

Bhog Indian restaurant in Pleasantville NY

There's a thread about this place taking over the old Bollywood Bistro space below, but it deserves a thread of its own. We had a delicious dinner tonight--we started with an unusual appetizer of crispy spinach chips with sprouted mung beans on top (had to try it; glad I did). Then I got the malai kufta, which was flavorful but not overwhelmingly rich. My husband liked his tandoori chicken, too, and we both appreciated that it didn't arrive with the usual sizzling fanfare. The naan was first rate.
Service was friendly and earnest but slow. I'm afraid they're going to be swamped when more people learn about the place after seeing the review in the Times.

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  1. We went to see Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine last night so we went to Bhog beforehand. We did not get any appetizers since we were short on time so we just had an order of chicken tikka masala and tandoori shrimp. As mentioned in this other thread, , food was good but a bit on the expensive side. The shrimp dish came with 5 shrimp and it was $27. The shrimp were large, but still, $27? We also had garlic naan which came out hot and fresh.

    Food was tasty. For the 2 entrees, plus one beer and one diet Coke, it was $70 before tip. We would probably return next time we see a movie there, mostly because we don't eat Indian food out that often and it's certainly convenient to Jacob Burns.

    1. I ordered takeout from them recently. SO overpriced for what you get. Is it me or are their prices at least $5 higher than Bollywood Bistro's were?

      I really wanted to like this place, but the food was just ok for me. The smoked eggplant dish was a bit bland and the tomato rasam soup was awful - oily & watery and I just couldn't finish it. Way too expensive for mediocre food. :o(

      1. I went there for lunch today; it was very quiet (just one other table). They have lunch specials which is not obvious from their website, a nice selection of sets of dishes (I had chicken, dal of the day, veg of the day, dessert + rice + nan for $13). The food was very good, nicely spiced. I did look at the dinner menu online and it looked a bit pricy (especially since i thought I was going to be paying that for lunch)